Out of the Muggle World

Aria is a secondary school student in Ireland.
During class she receives a letter with a red stamp on it and asks to excused out of class.She got chosen. Chosen for the first trip to Hogwarts. They called it rumors but now its reality. Aria is going to Hogwarts.


4. Chapter 4

Aria looked across the room and to the door of which her teacher came out of, looking back at her, her teacher walked up to her, mildly smiling.

"The principal allows you to go, as long as your parents allow you to go and you get the right supplies for the school".

"I understand Mrs Caneria"


Aria heard the bell ring, she shuddered with dread, it was time for French, usually she wouldn't do anything at this time in the year, everybody was lazy and the exams were done so they had time to relax, some people would call it the relaxed French club. She grabbed her bag and packed her items for the next class, still having the owl on her shoulder, she let on her arm when she put on the bag. 

She made her way to French class, as she walked pass the cooking corridor, breathing in the smell of the baked goods the classes have made, she continued into the music corridor and into her French classroom.

Two periods later she was coming out of her Spanish class and out onto the red staircase, reaching the bottom, she was being pushed pushed crowds onto the main entrance, protecting the owl from the students pushing her around, having manged to reach the front door, she quickly slipped out of the school, she made her way down the long hill and driveway and into the pick up area, as she watched her friends and her crush make their way into the bus station area, she petted the owl who was perching comfortably on her shoulder. 

In about two minutes, she saw her fathers black Bentley, many of the students around her were staring at the car and her as she entered the car. Looking at her father while they drove off the school house and on her way home.

"Aria, i don't want to alarm you but there is a African Wood owl on your shoulder"

"I'm glad you noticed it and even managed to name the species of the owl" she smiled back at her father "I finally got the acceptance letter today, even Darren got one!"

"That Darren boy huh?" he looked back at Aria "He is a fine a lad but don't you say hes a bit to short to be your boyfriend?"

"Dad!" she shouted at her father "So what if he is shorter than me, he's only shorter by five centimeters"

She stared at her father who began laughing at her, she rolled her eyes and looked out of her window, it has stopped raining since she came to French but now it looks like its going to be raining again, she sighed and leaned back in her chair, looking at the passing scenery of the city and now the countryside, seeing her neighbors country mansions, she realized she was home. She got her bag and carefully woke up the owl who fell asleep on her lap, she let the owl on shoulder and got out of the car, it was bright ans sunny in the countryside, in the distance she can her grandma gardening and her younger sister playing with Carmen, her midget kitten. 

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