Out of the Muggle World

Aria is a secondary school student in Ireland.
During class she receives a letter with a red stamp on it and asks to excused out of class.She got chosen. Chosen for the first trip to Hogwarts. They called it rumors but now its reality. Aria is going to Hogwarts.


3. Chapter 3

* Im really sorry about uploading in the last three months, i was busy with exams (as always) and moving so it took while..... so many ideas are flooding my head so I'm starting a bit fresh :) enjoy this chapter as most you wanted it (which made me happy since i was on hiatus)*

Aria stood up along her friend, which took the attention of  her crush who was interested  to hear what he had to say.Looking around, seeing all the focus on her she began to speak.

"Mrs Caneria, don't you see?" Aria said raising a eyebrow at her teacher, "A student, who happens to be yours, has just been given a chance to go a high level school, my other teachers would beg for something like this to happen. Out all of the students in this school, very few are chosen these days, some are actually stupid and don't deserve to go but everyone has a reason to go, I feel a need to find out why i was chosen"


Aria looked at the people who belonged to fandoms, she stared at them long enough that they wont make any reference to a fan base. Having that out of the way, she smiled and looked at her teacher who began clapping, suddenly followed by the entire class including her crush which made her blush and cringe a bit, noticing, she stopped blushing and looked back at her teacher.

"Very well then Miss Kraft, you are allowed to attend Hogwarts, as long as I inform the  Principal and office about this" and with that she went out the classroom.

Aria sat down on her chair and sighed, looking back up she was surrounded by her class mates, reading her acceptance letter and petting the owl which somehow hasn't left out, it probably knew that Aria didn't have a owl of her own and decided to stay with her. Having held a owl before, Aria let the owl hop on her arm and then onto her shoulder, surprisingly, the owls claws didn't hurt her at all. She walked to the window, watching her classmates still reading the letter. 

Somehow, her crush walked up to her and leaned against the wall, he had dark hair and light eyes, he played football and was one of the captains but he was a bit smaller than Aria, she found that cute in him and also loved his personality and his love of gaming. 

"Your'e very lucky, you know, about getting the letter and all, you must be really happy, not everyone gets a chance to go to Hogwarts these days".

"Yeah, I guess, too bad its only until we turn eighteen, I would love to experience the first year sensation, but something bugs me, how are we supposed to know the things that the other students have learned?"

"I guess they use a spell on the students and make them know the things the other students have learned, you know".

"To bad nobody I know is coming with me, it would suck if you are alone in Hogwarts, having to make a good first impression and all".

"Hmm, not really sure about the first bit"

Darren pulled out a envelope from his blazers inside pocket, waving it in the air and then putting it away so that the other students wont seethe letter, looking back Aria, he had a grin on his face, seeing Aria gasp made him chuckle but then surprised when he was hugged by Aria, making him blush a bit too.

"So that means, we get to together!"

"Yeah, it going to be fun!"




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