Out of the Muggle World

Aria is a secondary school student in Ireland.
During class she receives a letter with a red stamp on it and asks to excused out of class.She got chosen. Chosen for the first trip to Hogwarts. They called it rumors but now its reality. Aria is going to Hogwarts.


2. Chapter 2

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Aria had a small daydream so the last paragraph in the last chapter was only a thought,Aria wished that would happen but that piece didn't seem real since what kind of teacher wouldn't question about a owl in a classroom. This chapter is dedicated to my Demi-God friend <3 ;)    ~there was a mistake in chapter 1,Aria is turning 15                                                         


Aria was prepared for the raging storm her teacher was about to bring,but she was also terrified of her teacher,that teacher was deadly, she would instantly attack with a strict voice of which everybody is scared of in the class.

"Aria,can you tell me why this owl is here in the first place?"

"Mrs,I really don't know why it's here"

" Now, I have to go to the office to report the owl,please remain quiet while i'm gone"

Suddenly one of the students in the class stood up,just as the teacher was coming out the class,it turned to be one of Aria''s best friends,Ciara Campbell,everyone turned to look at her, she ever slightly taller than Aria and is definitely paler and has shorter darker hair than Aria and has a recognizable beauty mark on her face, which matches perfectly with her brown eyes.

"Mrs, don't you see that Aria got a letter from Hogwarts, think of the Careers opportunities you could have!"

"You are quite right Ciara, that would a big job promotion for me and a great opportunity"



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