Bad Choices

Kayleigh is a typical 18 year old who loves to party. She jas just done her A Levels and aced them all. Being the only intelligent person on her very dysfunctional family there is a lot of pressure on her to do well in her life. But Kayleigh is fed up with learning and wants to take some time out before uni so she can relax a bit. All Kayleigh likes to do now is go out party, take drugs and sleep with random men. However being unemployed it is down to her mam to fubd her party lifestyle, she doesnt know about everything that Kayleigh gets up to though. Now that her mam refuses to give her money Kayleigh is forced to get a job what is she going to do?


1. Maybe a good choice?

Ahh my god! I really cant believe my mother is making me get a job, like what is wrong with her, does she not ubderstand that i am 18 years old. Am not supposed to get a job until i am like OLD! Its not like i havent tried to get one, its just that everyone round here knows what i am like and knows that i am just a good time girl, so yepp they wont hire me! GRRR WHY DO I HAVE LIKE THE WORST MAM IN HISTORY? "Kayleigh i am just popping over to Kath's. Apparently Brenda's son got arrested last night for piching some cigarettes out of the corner shop, i am just going to find out everything i can, see you later!" Yeahh so i live in a village and the women round here are like the bloody FBI, including my mother, nothing is kept a secret and within an hour anything that you did has made its rounds and everyone knows about it. Which is why i am suprised that the majoroty of the things that i have done have remained secret. Speaking of cigarettes i could do with one now! Suppose i willvhave to wait till SHE goea out. "Okay mam, oh by the way will you leave me some money on the bench so that i can go out again tonight?" I screamed. There is no way i was getting out of bed at this time in the afternoon. "Abserlutley no way Kayleigh i told you that you will get no more money off me so you will have to get a job if you want to keep going out." My mother warned. This woman is driving me insane. "Ok" i replied, looks like i am just going to have to use the mobey that i had stashed away if i want to go out tonight. Considering that money isnt going to last forwver maybe i might have to get a job, UGHHH the thought of actually having to work is making me sick. I decided to look on the internet for any jobs that might be available while i was getting ready for tonight. I ran downstairs immidiatley regretting getting out of bed once the cold air hit my naked body. It would be worth it when i got the vodka out of the fridge, vodka makes everything better. I picked up the vodka and a glass then ran back upstairs before any of the neighbours got the shock of their lives. I shoved some pajamas on while i was getting ready so i didnt get cold. There was one last thingvi had to do before getting ready and that was ... TO GET STONED! I dont think i can remember a day when i didnt get stoned. I pulled the gold tin out from under my bed and my eyes soon found the green buds which made me happy. I carefully pulled small bits off and then made my joint. Soon enough i was chilled out and had started to get ready. Looking for a job on the internet was easier than i thought, i had only gone through a few jobs before i spotted a one that sounded great. This company wanted a young girl who was at least 18 to to go around on tour with this band that they managed and all i had to basically follow them around and do whatever they wanted me to as well as advising them on how to deal with female fans. Didnt sound to hard, in fact it sounded good and the salaey was bloody good as well, i was going to be getting paid 2 grand a week. I applied and got q call straight away which i hadnt anticipated. They wanted me to start TOMMOROW MORNING! They said they were over the moon with my CV which i may or may not have altered a bit. This was way to good to be true so i decided to celebrate the only way i knew how, go out and get shitfaced! Lets just hope am not too hungover tommorow morning!
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