All Part of the Job

Kayden Storm is a small town girl that was never taught how to love. She has so much wrong about her that no one seems to understand and she usually ends up being a loner. That is, until she meets Niall Horan. Can he help her face her demons? Or will her secrets be too much?


3. They get nervous too?

I honestly didn't know what to say. I mean, having 5 boys stare at me wasn't something at the top of my to do list today. 
"Um....I....I....just...we..ohhh." I groaned as I slid to the floor and put my head in my hands, knowing my nerves got the best of me. I heard muffled talking, a few chairs sliding out and then feet shuffling on the floor. When I had the nerve to look  up, I saw all of them sitting around me,ultimately making a circle with me in the middle. 
"We know that feeling. We know it VERY well." Zayn chirped. 
I was surprised that they had come and sat with me. They barely knew me! 
"Really?" I picked my head up and looked at all of them well. Zayn, who was sitting closest to me, looked kind of like a model. His lips were pouted just the right amount, his jaw showed off just a bit of 5 o'clock shadow, he had half an arm of tattoos,and his quiff had this perfect blonde streak through it. 
"Yeah. Basically, every time before we perform, at least one of us has some sort of nerves." Harry shrugged and did this little shake of his curls while running his hands through them. Harry has piercing green eyes, curls, and talks like a phone sex operator. Slow, low, and sensual. From the looks of him, he seemed like the flirt of the group. 
The boy to his left was Louis. Louis had a quiff, blue eyes, and sported a bit of a rugged pixie look, with his stubble and long eyelashes. 
"Remember that one time that we had to put off the show because of Hazza's nerves?" Liam asked as he ran his hand through his barely existent hair. Liam had deep brown warm eyes, a smile that made you feel warm inside, great bone structure and pouty lips- he kind of reminded me of a puppy.... Not that I would ever tell him that. 
"It wasn't Harry. It was Zayn. He was scared of the dance moves. I think it was the inbetweeners dance."   An Irish accent laughed. "How do you get scared of the inbetweeners dance?!" Niall was laughing so hard that he was literally lying on the floor shaking with laughter. His blonde hair stood in a quiff and had streaks of brown at the roots, his pale skin flushed red with laughter, smile so big that I noticed he had clear braces, his lips so pink, and ugh, those eyes. They were so incredibly blue that they made the color of the ocean on a sunny day look dull. In my honest opinion, Niall was the hottest out of all 5 boys. 
"It's not that funny, mate. I just had a bit of a moment." Zayn pouted. 
"I think it was!" Niall continued laughing, until Liam cleared his throat and shot him a look. 
" what do you do when you get nervous about something? I mean, you DO get nervous. Right?" I asked Niall, feeling my face turn red. There was a chorus of 'of course' and 'duh'. 
"I usually eat. I love food. It helps me calm down and think better." Niall explained and smiled. 
"Food sounds GREAT. Anybody else hungry?" I asked, and all their faces lit up. "Let's go boys. I'm hungry." 


"NUH UH! You ripped open his shirt In front of everybody?!" I managed to get out between laughs. 
"Yeah! Harry gets nervous during solos, so we mess with him, and decided to rip his shirt open." Liam said. Zayn made the motion of ripping his shirt open and then Louis reenacted Harry's face when his shirt was pulled off. Meanwhile, Harry was pouting at being made fun of, and Niall and I were busy chowing down on the breadsticks. 
I was so engrossed In conversation, that I forgot that I don't have any money to pay for the meal with. Silently, I was kicking myself. I didn't know what to do. I don't know if this restaurant let you work off your check in the kitchen...
"So I guess we should tell you the perks of the job. I mean, other than getting to be around us every second of every day." Niall winked and nudged my arm playfully, causing my face to go warm with a blush. 
"The company basically pays for everything. Housing, which you probably won't need, due to the fact that we go on tour in a few days. Expenses, you'll get a credit card that leads directly to the company bank account. Plus whatever you..." Liam kept talking, but all I could think about was the way that Niall's mouth looked, and how his lips would feel against mine. 
"How about that? What do you think Kayden?" Liam smiled, casually putting his arm around me. That took me out of my thoughts, and I blushed. 
"Sorry...what was that Liam?" 
"Tonight. My flat. We'll have a 'welcome to the band' party." He smiled and the rest of the boys nodded in agreement.
"Sounds great. What time?" I asked, knowing it would be good for me to get out of the house. It would be good for me to learn to be around them, and more about them. I also wouldn't mind seeing a little more of the beautiful blue eyed Irish boy sitting across the table from Me. Besides, how much chaos could 5 boys make in one night?

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