All Part of the Job

Kayden Storm is a small town girl that was never taught how to love. She has so much wrong about her that no one seems to understand and she usually ends up being a loner. That is, until she meets Niall Horan. Can he help her face her demons? Or will her secrets be too much?


2. Don't. Say. Anything.

I struggled to open my eyes, but when I did, I was looking into some of the prettiest eyes I'd ever seen. 
"Your eyes..." I said, but it came out more like 'zyoureyzh"'. 
"KEVIN! She's up!" The eyes turned away from me. " What'd you say?" They turned back to me. 
I was going to try to speak but then Kevin shooed the eyes away from me. 
"No..." I complained when he came into my vision. 
"Ms. Storm? Can you hear me?" I nodded the best I could, but something was under my neck, not letting me move so much. 
"Can you speak for me?" 
"I hear you, I see you, and I can talk and move. Now can I get up?" I croaked out and I heard laughter behind Kevin.
"Okay Ms. Storm, I'm gonna have Harry and Zayn help you up now. But not too fast boys." Kevin talked as if I was a small child. 2 boys came and stood over me, one with blazing green eyes and the other with brown eyes. Still no eyes that I really wanted to see. In other words, no boy with the blue eyes yet. 
"I'm going to help you up by your back and Harry will stand in front of you supporting your arms." The boy with the brown eyes, whose name I guessed was Zayn, said. I nodded and slowly they helped me up and into a chair. I looked around and saw we were still in the conference room. 
"How long was I out for?" I managed to get out. 
"About a minute. To tell you the truth, I thought you had died." A voice said right across from me and I looked up into blue eyes, but not the right blue ones.
"You're real sensitive Louis. REAL SENSITIVE." Harry laughed at the boy across the table. 
"Boys. Please not now. At least TRY to make her believe that you lot are normal." Kevin sighed, running through his hair again. I observed that he did that a lot, it was probably why he had so little hair for a man his age. 
"I should probably introduce the lads. This here is-" 
"Harry. I'm Harry Styles." He cut Kevin off and winked at me with those blazing green eyes of his, leaning in to give  me a hug. 
"Hello. I'm Liam Payne, It's nice to meet you Ms.Storm." Liam gave me a hug and I noticed he had 4 tattooed arrows going up his forearm. 
"I'm Louis Tomlinson. Louis Spelled like Louis but not pronounced like it." Louis smiled and leaned in for a hug. 
"I'm Zayn Malik. But you can call me Zayn. May I hug you?" Zayn smirked, the only one kind enough to ask. We hugged and they sat down around me. As I looked at them, my heart kind of sank because I didn't see the blue eyed boy. I started to think that I had imagined him until I heard someone rush into the room. 
"I got the-OH you're up!" A blonde boy with an accent that sounded Irish exclaimed. As he ran over to hand me a bottle of water, I looked up, meeting those eyes again and barely  being able to breathe. 
"Hello! I'm Niall Horan... I'm glad you're feeling better..." He was breathing a little heavily, and I guessed that he was probably running. 
"Niall, don't just stand there. Let the girl introduce herself." Liam said, and Niall moved to the chair furthest from me. 
"I'm Kayden Storm. Ms. Storm is my- Actually, I just prefer to be called Kayden." I blushed, and tried looking at everything but the beautiful blue eyes that were staring at me. 
"Kayden..... That's a beautiful name." Liam said softly. I knew he didn't mean it that way,  but I couldn't help but think of the many times I'd heard that. Such times that even the memories of it made me get a chill. 
"As you heard before Ms. Storm- I mean Kayden- can I just call you Ms. Storm?" Kevin looked quite stressed about it, so I gave consent. "Ms. Storm, I want to introduce your new employers. The biggest boy band in the world right now, One Direction!" Kevin  looked genuinely proud of the 5 boys that were sitting next to him. "These boys will become your best friends. Maybe even your family. They'll demand your every waking moment. Lastly, they'll be sharing hotels and a tour bus with you." 
I was flabbergasted. These boys didn't look old enough to drink in America, and they're the biggest boy band in the world?! That's crazy! My every waking moment? Well it's not like I have anything else to do... But still!!!
"Um, Kevin? Did you say 'tour bus'? As in, bus that takes groups on tour? As in, there's a tour coming up? As in, I'M going WITH them?" I shrieked, more out of nervousness than excitement.
"As in, the tour starts in 3 days, make sure you're packed." Kevin smiled, got up, stretched, said goodbye to each of the boys and said he would call me.Wait, he was just going to leave me alone with 5 boys?! 
"But KEVIN!??!" I ran up to him, a panicked look in my eye.
"You'll do fine Ms. Storm. I trust you to handle 5 teenage boys. If they treat you badly, just call Simon or I and we'll be more than happy to straighten them out. You have the numbers. Oh, and DON'T FORGET what I warned you about, you know what'll happen, DON'T SAY A WORD." He whispered that last part in my ear and then walked out. Every part of me was shaking with nervousness, but I decided I needed to face my fears. I turned around and saw all 5 of the boys staring at me...

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