Hiding in the Shadows

My name is Dani and I am almost 20. When I was little, I was marked above my collar bone. Everyone says that it's aliens, and so does my boyfriend Pj. He has the same mark but it's on the knuckle of his thumb. My best friend Bo has been here for her whole life too and is still single. This is my story.


2. Time to Escape

"I have a plan." Pj said and walked into my "cell". Bo looked over at him and tapped my shoulder. I was quietly trying to piece together a ripped up piece of paper. I got up and walked over to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close. "We're getting out of here." He whispered in my ear. "What?" I asked and pulled away. "We're escaping." The corners of my lips pulled up into a smile. Bo got up and said, "Well enough of the puppy love, I wanna get out of here. So start talking." Her tone was nothing but teasing. "Ok, tomorrow morning we're going to create a distraction. I've talked to the guard and he's helping us." "The guard?!" I asked surprised. "He doesn't think it's fair that we're in here." Pj traced the diamond shape above my collar bone and hugged me again. His mark was a bit smaller and below his thumb on the knuckle. Bo had a drop shape above her collarbone. "Ok." I whispered. 


I woke up to complete and utter chaos. This was it, we were escaping. My eyes snapped open and I got up. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I was already wearing my "escape clothes". Short black shorts with black t-shirt that had a heart made out of different patterns. Pj came over and kissed my cheek. He handed me my little back pack and picked his up. "Well what are we waiting for?" Bo asked. "I'm waiting for our signal." Pj said. He was wearing black baggy shorts that went to his knees and a grey t-shirt. Bo was wearing almost the same this as me. I looked up and Pj's brownish blonde hair and blue eyes. He was staring at the door, waiting. I looked over at Bo with her long brown hair in a messy bun and her green eyes looked groggy. Someone screamed NO!. Pj grabbed my hand and yelled, "GO!". The three of us ran as fast as we could out the door. We turned down a long white hallway and through the glass doors. I hadn't been outside since I was little and the bright sun nearly blinded me. The guards weren't paying any attention to the fact three of their most "prized "objects" just escaped. "Where do we go?" I asked/yelled. "My old house, my parents left just in case I ever came back." Pj said. Thunderheads started blotching the sky and lightning flashed. My legs were starting to get weak and I was panting. "There it is!" Pj yelled and pointed to a little white house. Bo was running faster and I could tell she was sick of running. We reached the house, but we couldn't get through the front because it was locked. There was a wooden fence so we jumped over it to get to the back of the house. Large white vans were driving around, we knew where they were from and what they were looking for. We crouched behind the fence and Pj peered through a little hole in a piece of the wood. "Follow me, stay low." Pj said and waved his hand. We crouched and walked to the back of the house. Pj took a towel out of his back pack and lied it on his knuckle. He then punched the window. He used his foot to clear out the wrest of the glass so we could climb through. I went fist. When I was going through, a left piece of glass cut my upper arm. "Shit!" I muttered. I hopped down onto the floor inside and helped Bo through. Pj came in and saw my arm. He carefully put it hand on it and put pressure to stop the bleeding. "Bo rip off a piece of the curtain." He said. Bo ripped a little piece off the handed it to him. Pj put it over my cut and tied it. Bo walked over to the little hallway and opened one of the doors. "Well I guess this is your room." 

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