Hiding in the Shadows

My name is Dani and I am almost 20. When I was little, I was marked above my collar bone. Everyone says that it's aliens, and so does my boyfriend Pj. He has the same mark but it's on the knuckle of his thumb. My best friend Bo has been here for her whole life too and is still single. This is my story.


3. Home for Now

We spent four days living in that house. The only things we had to eat and drink were things we brought. Ham sandwiches, water, and canned almonds. "Your sister's room is weird." Bo said as she looked around Alexa's room. There were posters of boy bands and singers all over the walls and a collection of coins covering the shelves. Bo and I had been sleeping on the floor in there and Pj would stay up all night to make sure the government wasn't searching around the house. One night I woke up really early in the morning because I was so hungry. Pj heard me sit up and heard my stomach growl. He looked over and got off the chair. "How long do we have to hide?" I asked. "Until we can catch a train to California." He said. We were living in Oregon. "But the tickets." "We'll just have to get in a crowd and get to the upstairs to hide out." He was sitting next to me so I put my head on his chest. "I love you." I whispered. "I love you." He replied. I fell back asleep and woke up to Bo shaking me violiantly. "What, WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!" I yelled. She threw her hand over my mouth and shushed me. I creased my forehead in confusion and frustration. "C'mon!" She whispered and pulled me up. "What's going on!?!" I asked, "Where's Pj?!" He was by the window we climbed through and grabbed me from Bo. "They've figured out that we might be here," he said, "They're surrounding the house." Tears pricked at my eyes and Pj pulled me in his arms. "We have to go!" Bo said as she shut the curtain she was looking through. I climbed through the broken window and landed on the soft grass. Bo came behind me and then Pj. I grabbed Pj's hand and then Bo's. We ran to the east until we reached the dock. "What do we do?!?" I yelled. "There's a boat!" Bo yelled and pointed. We ran and jumped onto the deck. It was a small boat with a bedroom under the top and a control room thing up high. Bo climbed the ladder going up to the steering wheel. "Are you sure you know how to drive one of these things?" I yelled. "Don't underestimate me." She said. "Hold on!" She joked and started the engine. "How the hell do you know how to hot wire a boat?" I asked. "How do you think I shut down the power last year? I figured it out." It was still dark out and I was tired. I walked over under the canopy and sat on the chair thing. The salty air smelled good and the humidity was making me sticky. It started getting windy and that helped. Pj sat next to me and played with my blonde hair. I turned my head and looked at him. "Thank y-" I started and he cut me with a kiss. It was short but passionate. "This map says we are close to Alina, California." Bo yelled. The fog was thick but we could see city lights. Bo docked the boat and we jumped onto the bridge. We walked till we saw maps. "Train station is in a half block of here." Pj pointed at the train station symbol. We started walking towards the station. A train was waiting for people to board, so we got mixed up in the crowd and got on. No one was on the second floor so we hid up there. I'm pretty sure we all fell asleep on the train. I woke up around what looked like sunset. And it was. We were going through a dangerous area where gang graffiti covered the concrete walls. The three of us were shoved kinda up in the corner so no one would see us. I was in the middle between Bo and Pj. My back pack was behind me so I got it and opened it. I had clothes and some papers stuffed in it. I pulled out a little sketch book that I took from the art room at the facility and a pencil. I started to sketch out me and Pj. Suddenly the train stopped to a screeching stop and the doors opened. Pj's eyes snapped open and Bo woke up with a jump. I was about to scream run when Pj caught my look and he threw his hand over my mouth. Bo started to scoot back. Some of the guards from the facility were on the train and they were showing pictures of us. "No, no we haven't seen them." The man at the door said. The men stepped out and got in the van. "What if he looks up through the windows!" Bo whispered. We all ducked and hid our faces. Then we knew we had to hide better. I took out a pair of sunglasses I found on the boat and put them on. Bo took out a black sweatshirt and put the hood up and Pj put on a hoodie and put the hood up. The train started moving again and patches of grey clouds covered the sky. Pj was sitting on the bench thing next to the window. Bo drifted back to sleep on the floor and I sat next to Pj. He locked his fingers in mine. I looked down and saw his mark glowing a light blue. He didn't see my reaction and when I looked up he was biting his lip. Above my collar bone started to feel cold so I touched my mark. I looked at my finger tips and they were coated with a blue sparkle. Black mist was forming around the windows and our feet. "Pj." I whispered. "Yeah?" He said as he studied my worried expression. "They're here." I choked. Then he got where I was going. He saw the mist and my mark glowing. I took off the sunglasses. I jumped up and went by Bo. "Her pulse!" I shrieked. The mist was surrounding us now and I started to get worried.

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