Hiding in the Shadows

My name is Dani and I am almost 20. When I was little, I was marked above my collar bone. Everyone says that it's aliens, and so does my boyfriend Pj. He has the same mark but it's on the knuckle of his thumb. My best friend Bo has been here for her whole life too and is still single. This is my story.


11. Crash Your Party

         "Pj!" I called getting ready to leave. "Yeah?" He asked walking in. "Renae wanted to ask you something." Renae had grown to look about three or four. But her growth was slowly moving. "Daddy," "Yes baby girl." He said bending down. "Where are we going?" She asked in her baby voice. "To see grandma and grandpa, with aunt Ali." "Aunt Ali?" "Remember three months ago when momma was setting up and that nice lady met you?" I chimed in. "Yeaw." "That was aunt Ali." "Oh."


"Ready?" I asked Ali and Pj.

"Hell yeah." Ali chimed.

I lifted Renae up as we got out of Ali's car. A large sign was held above the doors. 

'Davis Family Reunion'

That was our last name. Ali and I walked up the front with Pj holding Renae trailing behind. We opened the doors and my parents were sat right ahead of us.

"Hi mom." Ali said loudly.

"Hi dad." I said right after Ali. 

Our parents stood up and stared at us, shocked.

"Danielle?" My father said.

"Alison?" My mother said. 

"Amelia, Daniel." I spat. 

I guess this was their two new children. They looked ten or eleven. Twin sisters. 

"Danielle, take Alison and go to the back." She whispered to the children. 

"You replaced us?!" Ali screeched. 

Renae came behind me and clutched to my leg. 

"Evil lady." She pointed towards my mother. 

"Miss me?" I said with a smirk. "Why are you out of the facility?" She asked.

"We didn't belong there. You know that." Ali spat. 

"You were crazy." My mother spit out.

Every immortal feeling in my body jerked and I found myself launching at my mom.

"Dani!" Pj yelled behind me. 

I couldn't stop myself. 

Ali ran after me, but no one was fast enough. I leaped over the table attacking my mother. Pj caught up with me and pulled me off. Snarls were escaping from my lips as I saw that same black mist around Renae. 

"No!" I screamed but it more like screech. 

"ALI!" I screamed as she saw it too. 

Shaking Pj off my arms, I ran full speed for my daughter. Sweeping her up in my arms, the mist blew away by my speed. 

No, I snarled in my head. 

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