Hiding in the Shadows

My name is Dani and I am almost 20. When I was little, I was marked above my collar bone. Everyone says that it's aliens, and so does my boyfriend Pj. He has the same mark but it's on the knuckle of his thumb. My best friend Bo has been here for her whole life too and is still single. This is my story.


7. Awakening

Dani's POV

Everything above me was newer, clearer. I felt someone staring at me, so I snapped myself off the bed I was lying on. Across from me I stared at Pj. His perfect face looked even more perfect with these eyes. But then I realized something. Was I an immortal? I ran my fingers over where my mark was, but felt nothing. It used to be like a bump, a scar. But it was gone. Pj was standing across from me with his arm outstretched. His look was nothing more than terrified, terrified that I lost my soul. For a second I was too. Nothing ever really went the way I wanted it. I thought I lost my soul because the way they were all staring at me, like I was different. Trying not to be to crazy, I put my hand in his and went to him. Everything seemed so different. So clear. I knew this would change everything between us and nothing would ever be the same. Gently, he pulled me into his arms, lightly kissing my forehead. I didn't know what was really happening. So I guess I wasn't really hiding anything. Pj let me go and I looked around and sort of remembered the hotel room. Bo was standing in the corner of the room with Elias. She smiled and gave me hug while Elias stood in a protective distance. It irritated me in some way. Please. Like I was going to hurt my best friend. But I more worried about the mist.

         The mist. The very thing that did this to me. "I'm ok." I whispered when Bo let go. A flash of relief crossed her face and I knew maybe I didn't lose my soul. "Do you remember anything?" Pj asked. "I remember everything. But they aren't clear." I muttered. Then I picked up the scent of roses. It was very strong, like it was radiating off of me. I slowly lifted my wrist up to my nose and realized it was me. I smelt like a rose. "Since when did you get so protective?" I asked looking directly at Elias. He pulled Bo closer and put his arm in front of her. That irritated me even more. "Don't get to upset." Says Pj. I was really getting irritated because everyone was acting like I was going to kill someone.

         Night seemed to come quick. Then I was stuck in that horror. The fear of everything. I had the nightmares that I've never imagined. In the middle of the night I woke up shrieking in fear and agony. "Sh, sh. It's ok. You're ok." Pj soothed. I didn't feel ok. I didn't feel safe. Honestly I think I felt protective over something. 

* * * Morning * * *

    Bo was sitting in the window seat when I woke up. Something kept her staring out the window even after I said good morning. "Bo what are you staring at?" I asked, trying to see out the window. "Elias signed us up to get adopted." She said in a hushed whisper. "What?" I asked in disbelief. "The family is coming to pick us up today at 3." "No. No. I'm not letting you go!" She turned away and walked out of the room. I jumped up and ran out of the room. Someone put their hand on my shoulder to hold me firmly in place. Of course it was Elias. I shrugged his hand off and gave him a low snarl then continued into Bo's room. "No. Hell no." I demanded as I opened the door. "It's not like I can stop it, Dani." She proclaimed angrily. "I'm not letting you go!" I yelled. "It's not like I can do anything about it!" "I can't believe it. I'm an immortal for one freaking day and he's already afraid I'll kill you." "What?" "You know he's afraid I'll hurt you." "Don't insult him because you're unsure of your power!" "I'm unsure! You don't even know this family!" "I trust him!" "Well maybe you shouldn't! He's not immortal so how would he know what I'm capable of!" "He just does ok!" That was it. I lunged at her full speed. I guess I didn't know how fast I really was. She fell to ground as I shouted at her. "You aren't going!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Not now! I need you!" I continued waiting for Elias to storm in. I knew he would kill me at the first sign of Bo in danger. "Maybe if we never left that damn facility none of this would've happen!" I shouted as I stood up. "This wasn't my idea!" She screamed. I couldn't even look at her. Turning away, she yelled something else. "This was your asshole of a boyfriend's idea." The shade of the room turned from natural to dark red. I flipped around and let out a sharp snarl. It reached her in time to warn her. "My what of a boyfriend?!" I growled. "You heard me." "Never. And I mean NEVER insult my boyfriend when that ass stands out there about to snatch you away from everything!" The words flew out as I crept forward. It finally reached her, she went to far. The shade of red hadn't even began to fade as she backed away. Then Elias stormed through the door and tackled me from behind. Although I knew he was there, I didn't move. I knew I was stronger. But the anger that filled me wasn't prepared for it. I flung him off of my back and onto to the floor just by holding him by the neck. "Don't touch me." I snarled. He squirmed and then Bo shifted. I looked up and let my guard down just long enough for him to get me in a choke hold. Quickly, I pulled away and pushed him as hard as I could towards Bo, making him slam into a wall holding flower vases. "You've been warned. Don't touch me." I growled. I turned and started walking out the door. Red was still all I could see, but it began to lighten. Then I wanted to know where Pj was.

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