Welcome to fame Diamonds

Diamonds is a cheer team. It has more than 40 athletes and 14 special needs athletes. One Direction had a sports contest and whoever won would be with them on tour! The boys would decide wether or not to keep them for the next tours.
Most of the girls do dance and once did gymnastics. But when a freak accident happened to the girls who also did gymnastics got them shaken and couldnt focus. The coach, Patrick, and his brother, Christian, decided to enter them into the contest, but will they win?


2. Meeting Up

Amayas POV 

Were leaving today for a 12 hour flight to London to meet with One Direction. Being the Senior 4 captain I had to take my team on the plane. Everyone but Esmerelda, Kendall, Amanda, Vanessa, Kim, Alexis, and Jenna were here. But theyre with the I5 team. Theyre crossovers. 

Lexi came up to me and jumped on my back. I always held her because, well, she lives with me now. 

Her parents were always drunk and abused her. She ran away and eventualy got to the gym. I was having a private lesson when she walked in.  She had a huge purple and red hand mark on her face. She was in tears and shakey. 

She walked up to me and asked what she would do now. I just told her to come back home with me when i was done with my private.

People always look at us weird when were at a store together because im 14 and Hespanic and shes 10 and Asian.  

Anyways when we got on the plane the I5 girls and the special needs girls were already on the plane. We still had our Mini 1, Senior 3, Junior 4, and Youth 2 team. The J4 team came on next.

Then S3, M1, and Y2. We were so excited and talking about, well, everything. We were instagraming pictures, taking videos, listening to music, and watching movies. 

Jalynns POV

We were really happy! I was with Amanda from I5 and Holly from J4. We were watching our compitition videos from this season. We watched every team we had and at every comp. 

After about 5 hours we ended up falling asleep. 

When we woke up we hhad about 3 hours before we landed. So we ate a PB&J and some coke. We continued talking and taking videos.


Nialls POV

We were waiting at the airport for about 20 minutes. We waited while tere were about 100,000,000,000 people outside screaaming our names.

Once they announced that their flight landed we got up and Liam ran and got one of these cart things.

"Were gonna need more than one!" I yelled. He came back with 4.

We went to where they were getting off and waited. 

Amandas POV

Once we landed, Me, Kendall, Alexis, and Vanessa got the special needs and Mini 1 girls off. Madori, Andrea, and Jenna got the others off. 

We met ou with the boys and got in the bus.  

Layla and Wyatt (also special needs) were holding my hands.

"Amanda! Put Wyatt and Layla in a cart. We gotta run to the bus." Alexis told me. She had Maira and Jesee in a cart. They were on Mini 1.

"Girls do you want to go for a ride?" I asked them, grabbing a cart.


I put them in the cart and pushes until we got to two doors, The boys were looking outside. 

"Diamonds! Get all the littles in a cart or on your back!" Madori said. "Were running as soon as the bus comes!" 

"Manda." Layla said. "Manda can I go on your back?" 

"Sure." I helped her out and she jumped on my back.

"Hold on tight!" I told her as the bus pulled up. 


Alexis POV

We ran to the bus. I picked up Maira and Jesee and told them to go into the bus. 

They followed directions. 

"Alexis, help Wyatt and Layla on! Imma help Kendall with Jalynn!" Amanda called out. 

e finally got on the bus after about 15 minutes. 

"Diamonds, " Harry said. "Welcome to fame!"

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