Welcome to fame Diamonds

Diamonds is a cheer team. It has more than 40 athletes and 14 special needs athletes. One Direction had a sports contest and whoever won would be with them on tour! The boys would decide wether or not to keep them for the next tours.
Most of the girls do dance and once did gymnastics. But when a freak accident happened to the girls who also did gymnastics got them shaken and couldnt focus. The coach, Patrick, and his brother, Christian, decided to enter them into the contest, but will they win?


1. And the winner is..............!

Amandas POV 

We entered out contest video an hour before it was due. I hope they get to see it. 

Incase you dont know what Im talking about its a contest One Direction put up for a sports team to go on tour with them. The only thing im scared of is my old gymnastics team. They entered to. They kicked us out because I left gymnastics a few minutes early to go to cheer. But Im at MY gym with MY teammates now. Were waiting to see what the result are downstairs on the gym floor. Some people are tumbling some are stunting. Im tumbling.

"GUYS!" Lexi screamed from the coaches office upstairs. Lexi is only 10. "They posted that the results are going to be up in 30 minutes!" She ran down stairs with us and started tumbling too.

We all got excited and a little bit nervous. So we went and did some stretching for the flyers to  all get their spikes. ( a spike is a strait leg scorpion ) Only Vanessa, Alexis, Esmerelda and I had them. Kendall was close and one of our special needs girls, Jalynn, almost has hers. Jalynn is 11 and has down syndrome but she will push hard to get any new skill. She already has a back-hand-spring and a back tuck. 

Man 20 minutes goes by fast when youre stretching.

"Diamonds!" Our International 5 captian, Madori, said. "Were all going into the coaches office! But we need to be quiet so we can hear our coaches!"  

We went upstairs and pilled into the coaches office. It felt like awards at a compitition. We held hands and just prayed for the ten minutes we had to wait. The boys made a twit-cam to announce the winner.

Louis POV

"So we got our final team!" I said. 

" Yes there were many amazing teams that entered but we narrowed it down to 3 then chose who we thought was best." Harry said. 

"I STILL DONT SEE WHY WE COULDNT ENTER! WE PLAY FOOTBALL!" Niall said. Liam hit him in the back on the head.

"Okay so here were the top 3 teams!" Zayn said. 

"ALDC the dance team!" Liam said

"Diamonds cheer team!" I said. 

"And GymFlips gymnastics team!" Zayn said.

"Okay so first one were taking out is..." Harry paused for dramatic effect. "ALDC"

" You guys were amazing but sadly you didnt make it." I fake cryed. Liam hit me in the back of the head. 

Kendalls POV

It was just us and the old gymnastics team! I felt bad for the ALDC team though.

 "Okay you guys are commenting like crazy who won." Liam said. 

"The winner is....." We grabbed hands and tightened our grip. We were sweating and shakey.

"DIAMONDS CHEER TEAM!" They all said at the same time. 

We all screamed and started hugging and jumping on eachother! We were so excited.

Me, Amanda, Alexis, Esmerelda, and Vanessa were te first to run down stairs and tumble! Amanda threw a full, I threw a full, Alexis threw a full, Vanesa threw a full, and Esmerelda threw a half. She didnt have her full yet but she was extremely close.

 We all went to Alexis house and had a sleepover we couldnt stop talking about it!

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