No One Is Safe

One harmless party. One harmless game. Seven crazy teens. A whole lot of horror.
It was just a party. All seven of us; Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Lucy, and me, Rylee. It was just a prank call, just a harmless game. That is until the person on the other line doesn't think it's just a game. Now, in this house, No One Is Safe.


2. Just A Harmless Prank Call

I let out a nervous, fake laugh before dialing a random number. Obviously not before pushing *67, so it would be a private call.


"Hello?" A creepy voice answered on the other line. It was an odd voice, one of an older man that was up to no good, but it also sounded young. I was confused.


Everyone nodded, pushing me to go on.


"Scare him!" Louis mouthed. I inwardly sighed, not knowing what I was getting myself into.


"Watch your back, you're next." I said in the creepiest voice I could. Apparently it was creepy enough, as it looked like I had startled my own friends.


I hung up before they could say anything. Everyone laughed.


"I can't believe you actually did that! You are the biggest scaredy-cat that I know!" My best friend, Lucy gushed. I just smiled nervously, knowing that what I did was wrong.


We carried on with the rest of the party, just the seven of us. We drank, danced, played stupid games and did all of the typical college party things that people did. Like what happens in those sappy sorority movies.


An hour passed, Lucy was piss drunk, Niall was wasted, and the rest of us were sober, only a few drinks flowing through our systems.


The phone rang and Liam turned down the music. I picked up the phone.


"Yellow?" I giggled a little. Okay, so maybe I drank more than a bit, but I wasn't as drunk as Lucy. I looked over to my best friend. Her dark brown, almost blackish, hair that fell in slight waves to her shoulders. Her perfectly built, chiseled face, and her huge brown eyes. She was so beautiful, I felt like nothing compared to her. (A/N: Yes, I imagine her as Lucy Hale.)


"I believe we got disconnected earlier." A familiar voice rang through my ears, eerily. It was the same freaky voice from earlier. What the fuck? He wasn't supposed to call back! How did he get the number?


I must have looked like I saw a ghost, as Harry suggested that I put it on speaker.


"I don't think you understand, because it's you who's next." Then the line disconnected. I looked down, the number was not identified.


This seemed to have sobered us all up some. We all stood frozen on the little 'dance floor' that Louis had made for the party. We were on vacation from college, so we all decided to go to Harry's vacation home that was about 4 hours from the university.


"What was that supposed to mean?" I asked nervously, not really wanting to know the answer.


"That meant nothing. They were just pranking us back, not a big deal." Harry tried to act like it was all okay. He always tried to be strong and tough, and act like nothing scared him. It was all a load of BS.


"If it meant nothing, then how did they get our number?"


"Just leave it! I think we all need to get to bed, we need to do something fun tomorrow."


We all agreed. I walked up the steps to my shared room with Lucy.


"I call shower!" Lucy slurred, clearly not fully sober.


"Luce!" I whined like a five year old. "I need one more than you do!"


"Whatever! I get the shower." She drunkenly picked out a black, skintight dress that was obviously meant for clubbing, and headed to the bathroom, stumbling as she did so.


I laughed at her drunken actions. A dress for bed? She's gonna have a major hangover when she wakes up.


I got dressed in the room, since Lucy had taken the bathroom. As I changed, I just couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching me.


A/N: This is really short, I know, but I just wanted to give a small chapter so I don't leave you waiting too long since the prologue was just a sentence or two. :P Love you, my Lilies! <3 xx (Keep favoriting, fanning, liking, and commenting! I want some comments. :()





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