dark flames

what if dragons were real? Imagine a secret society dedicated to tracking and killing them. Kyra is a part of this society, in fact, she's the leaders daughter. But what happens when events conspire to bring face to face with the very monsters she's trained to destroy? Soon she uncovers something that makes her doubt everything shes been taught. What if it was all lies?


1. waiting

"What can anybody tell me abut the great massacre?" Master Quinn's voice boomed loudly, commanding our attention. We were in history class (my least favourite subject) and a lot of us were distracted, especially me, as my father  - the leader - was coming back after another hopefully successful hunt. A hunt for what, you ask? Dragons. Let me explain; my name is Kyra and my father is the leader of the Draco Interfectores (literally meaning, dragon killers in latin). Remember those brave knights in tales of old that used to rescue damsels in distress from those fire breathing monsters? That was us. 

           Sometimes its a bit gruesome when dad comes home covered in blood, although i guess i'd better get used to it if i want to slay a dragon someday, but still, i can't help but feel glad when he doesn't let me see the carcass. Can you believe it? I am 14 years old and never have i seen an actual real living dragon. No one in my class has either. We know what one looks like, from drawings and illustrations, but that's it.

             The rest of the lesson passed by in a haze, i already knew all of the answers anyway; my dad forces me to study and train for at least 3 hours each night. So did the rest of the school day. Finally, the bell rang, signaling the end of school. Everyone packed their bags and made their way to the double doors out of the building. Fresh air! i thought happily. Speed walking - nearly jogging - i made my way to where dad would be arriving, eager to know how successful he'd been.

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