The magical exchange

This is for the one week at Hogwarts competition.

The whole class took in a breath as one. Had we heard right?
"Yes, that's right we will be participating in an exchange with Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry"

I turned to my best friend and in unison we screamed We were going to hogwarts!!!!

will have all canon couples i prefer it that way. Set in the year after the war as if the trio all went back to school and are in ginny's year.


4. The dorms and first day

Our common room was almost exactly like the sixth form-years 12 and 13, common room back home; fairly modern and sleek looking whilst it was still obvious you were in an old building. The dorms were two to a room like the dormitories in the boarding section back home and luckily I and Lucy had a room together.

Our suitcases were on our bed when we went in and I went straight for the plain black one which had my precious things in it flipping open the lid I drew out my antique hand worked sewing machine. Whilst sewing everyday things I used electric sewing machines but since electricity didn’t work here at Hogwarts and I preferred doing detailed work by hand I had brought my Singer instead.

I set it reverently on the desk and took the mannequin Hermione had shrunk for me out of my pocket. She’d set it on timed release so I just left it in the middle of the floor and began unpacking my blue clothing suitcase.

I and Lucy being sensible had packed mostly thick jumpers and jeans but I knew some people like Trisha would have brought mini-skirts and dresses. She was basically the class gossip who thought she was ‘it’ and that anyone in her presence was privileged to be there. She was the only one in our year other than her boyfriend Troy to not ask me for help on their costumes, not that it mattered to me it was simply one less thing to do. However if I had to spend the next week listening to Trisha moan because she was cold I would probably go mental.

The mannequin resized just as I finished putting away the last of my clothes so I pulled my half-finished costume out of the last red suitcase and placed it on the mannequin. I then took the rest of my sewing stuff and placed it on my desk and with the help of Lucy filled our bookshelves with all the books we’d brought.

It was already curfew by the time we finished and I didn’t feel like going downstairs and ‘socialising’ -i.e. being gossiped about behind my back whilst trying to hold a normal conversation with Lucy when I could do that in the comfort of my own room. So I pulled out a sketch pad and some watercolours to work on the design for Ginny’s dress. I finished 3 designs in about an hour and set them on Lucy’s bed for her opinion.

One was floor length, one fairly short and the other cascading from the knee into a train. I instantly knew that I would use the cascading skirt style without conferring with Lucy, it suited her character more. Then began the argument of necklines and sleeves which continued for a good 2o minutes before we’d settled on a good basic silhouette, we’d already decided the colour but trims and laces proved another arguing point before we finally agreed.

“So we ask Hermione in secret to help us with these parts.” I said

“And we’ll need to come up with a spell that will give this effect to the skirt for the night and cast it just before she leaves” Lucy agreed

“Then we’re done” I said, “Let’s work on my dress now, I want to get it finished.”

My dress was a beautiful blue dress with a dark blue bodice and layers of tulle that got lighter as you travelled up the dress. I still hadn’t finished the skirt of the dress or the beading but I knew that I and Lucy would be able to finish it tonight or tomorrow.


*  *  *


We were exhausted the next morning at breakfast, we had stayed up until 3am finishing the dress wanting to make sure it was ready so I had as much time as possible to work on Ginny’s dress.

We met the 4 at the great hall for breakfast and by some stroke of luck we arrived on time not getting lost once. As Ron was shovelling his food in his mouth like it was going out of fashion I placed my head on the table not having loaded my plate yet.

“Is she ok?” Ginny asked

“Yeah she’s fine” Lucy said “Asha is not a morning person plus we didn’t get much sleep last night, and she doesn’t like eating breakfast, says it makes her feel sick. Other than that she’d fine”

They made noises of agreement and I presumed turned back to breakfast as I couldn’t see them due to my shut eyes and unwillingness to respond to anything in the morning. I listened to the chatter around me gathering from it that we had transfiguration first lesson with Professor Muto; his name was rather ironic now I thought about it. I wonder if his parents knew he would be a transfiguration teacher.

Transfiguration was fairly boring since all we could do is watch; I kind of understood it though. It related to physics and chemistry a bit, your rearranging the atoms and make of something to make another thing. The only reason muggles couldn’t do it was because we didn’t have the power to split the atoms apart.

Charms was much more fun, with charms funny things happened when people did the spells wrong but even so the lesson seemed to lag on and I wasn’t looking forward to the last lesson of the day; potions. We’d actually have to work in potions and it seemed that it was just like cooking. I was rubbish at cooking. The blowing up ovens kind of rubbish.

Luckily we had a good lesson before that as we followed Hermione to Ancient Runes. We were the only ones from our school in ancient runes as everyone else wanted to use the free period. Lucy and I sat at the back and pulled out our pens and notebooks. This is one thing we could take note of and use without magic, plus they were doing Greek runes this term and I had studied ancient Greek as part of my ancient history course so this should be easy.

There was a copy of the Greek runic alphabet on the board in mixed order and I and Lucy immediately began writing them out in order with their names next to them. I finished quickly seconds before Lucy then checked over my work. Glancing around the classroom I saw everyone else still working, even Hermione only looked halfway down the list. In unison I and Lucy stuck our hands up attracting the teacher’s attention.

“Is everything o.k. girls? I understand if this is too hard for you” she said

“No we’re finished professor” Lucy said and the professor looked at us in shock.

 When she recovered she looked at us smiling and said “well add the names of each rune then”

“Already done” I replied

“How about the meaning” We nodded and turned back to our papers ignoring the disbelieving looks we were getting from the rest of the room.

We finished again just as Hermione finished putting her list in alphabetical order and this time the teacher asked us to bring our sheets up to the front. We took our notebooks and placed them on her desk.

“Well done girls” she said “have you studied ancient runes before?”

“Well we’ve learnt both Greek and Latin” Lucy replied

“And I was always interested in Wiccan magick” I said

This earned a confused look from the teacher and the rest of the class who had stopped working and were looking at us.

“Wiccan magick is based on the pagan religion and is a muggle form of magic.” I paused as the pure-blood fanatics in the room scoffed at the idea of muggles doing magic. “Wiccan magick is ritualistic and focused around runes. Believers and users of this form of magic believe that magick is all around us and it is our given power to use it. Wiccan magick is the use of this surrounding power to shape and bend the world around us. Runes have meanings; take the S rune, sowulo. It indicates victory, the sun, a change for the better and also strength. Some believers tattoo themselves with runes to use their powers”

By the end of my explanation everyone including the teacher was looking at me shocked.

“Don’t tell me this actually works?” One of the students, a hufflepuff, asked.

“You tell me,” I said as I turned my notebook over to show the front, on it was a pentangle drawn in white. In the centre was a rune that looked like an f on a slant “Fehu, this rune draws power to be used in the casting.” In the top point was another rune that looked like a rotated v “kenaz, this rune represents a drive for knowledge” to the right of that in the next point was another rune a straight line “Isa, this creates a block that stops others using this but me” below that was another rune like a line with a flick on the bottom and top “eihwaz, this creates positive feelings and gives me inspiration” to the left of that was a cross with a line on either side “mannaz, good for academics, and finally jera,” I pointed to two almost interlocking v’s “this represents prosperity or plentiful amounts. This rune gives me unlimited pages” I said smiling

One of the slytherin’s scoffed and said, “You seriously expect me to believe that”. In reply I tossed him the book. “Open it” I ordered. He did as I said and was shocked to find it blank. “Write in it” I said.

He drew his quill and put it to the paper, instantly it sparked and he dropped his quill. I flipped over the front to show the Isa and Fehu runes glowing. I then began turning the pages of the notebook quickly, when it looked like I was getting to the end more pages appeared causing gasps from the students.

“How did you do that?” a Ravenclaw asked.

“Magic” I replied before turning to the teacher “may we leave professor I wish to have lunch on time”

The professor simply nodded and I followed Lucy who was skipping to the back of the room collecting my notebook on the way.

“See you at lunch Hermione” I said smiling cheekily.


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