The magical exchange

This is for the one week at Hogwarts competition.

The whole class took in a breath as one. Had we heard right?
"Yes, that's right we will be participating in an exchange with Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry"

I turned to my best friend and in unison we screamed We were going to hogwarts!!!!

will have all canon couples i prefer it that way. Set in the year after the war as if the trio all went back to school and are in ginny's year.


7. The ball

I woke late on Saturday morning; if you have nothing to do I see no reason in getting up early. Lucy had already gone down to breakfast but I just stayed in bed dreading the rush that would come at around 2 when everyone rushed up here to get ready for the ball at 6.

Me, Lucy, Hermione and Ginny had agreed to meet in the head girl’s room at 4 but as it was 11 that was 5 hours away and I had nothing to do. At the same time if I stayed here I would be forced to help all of my classmates prepare to ‘stun the wizards’ as one girl in my class had put it.

As I was contemplating what to do the door burst open and Lucy clattered in bouncing around and laughing. This was for me a fairly normal occurrence so I just turned over and pulled my pillow over my head. However not seconds later Lucy had pulled me up out of bed and was waltzing round the room with me. We’d taken dance classes together since we were small since our parents were best friends and they’d decided it would be good for us to make more friends.

“Guess what! Guess what! Guess what?” Lucy yelled

“You’ve finally discovered that the sky is up and water is wet” I said sarcastically

Lucy stopped moving “wait, water is wet?” she asked

“Carry on, what did you want me to guess?” I asked

“As a part of the ball tonight there will be a dancing competition” she shrieked and I stared at her.

“Who announced this?” I managed to choke out

“McGonagall, she said Mrs. Winter had suggested it” She said getting over the fact that water was wet and beginning to dance around the room again.

“What kind of dance?” I asked

Lucy stopped moving “you know, I have no idea, I suppose they’ll just judge us as we dance tonight” she said

“What if we don’t dance tonight?” I asked

“Well you don’t have to compete but I totally think we should, we’re like the best back at our dance class” she argued

“Yeah when we’re with our partners” I complained

“Ahh, is Asha missing her Sammy?” cooed Lucy and I glared at her

“Ahh, is Lucy missing her Tommy?” I cooed back earning a glare in return.

“Besides, I haven’t danced without Sam since I was like 7. I don’t want to start now” I complained

“Yes well I don’t want to dance with anyone but my boyfriend” Lucy smirked

“Yeah yeah rub it in, just cause tom got a move on and Sam didn’t doesn’t mean I don’t miss him.” I replied

“Well, maybe we’ll find a surprise for us tonight” Lucy said smirking mischievously. I ignored her and climbed out of bed collecting everything I would need to get ready for tonight and placing it in my red suitcase.

“Where you going?” Lucy asked as I placed my Latin dictionary into my bag

“Room of requirement, don’t want to be here when the rush starts” I replied now putting make-up in my bag

“Wait for me!” Lucy cried and began grabbing all her hair accessories and the jewellery she would be wearing and placing it in my bag.

We spent the next few hours experimenting with what we asked the room for. Lucy asked for home and we got a mirror that showed us our families, but when she asked to see tom and Sam all she got was mist which we were confused with. We also asked for a swimming pool and had fun splashing around until 20 to 4 when we climbed out and dried off.

We rushed through the almost silent halls to the Gryffindor common room and stopped at the fat lady

“Exchange” I said calmly

“Of course dear” said the fat lady and opened revealing a common room full of boys playing various games.

I smirked as all the boys looked up as we came in surprised to see girls not encased in their bedrooms at this time. Shrieks of laughter echoed from the girl’s staircase which Lucy ran off to with the suitcase.

“Having fun boys?” I asked as I sauntered across the room

“yes, it’s a lot of fun listening to those shrieks and wondering why on earth it takes girls 4 hours to get ready” Ron complained

“mmmm” I said comfortingly “I never understood that either, it’s never taken me longer than 3 hours 59 minutes to get ready for something and that was my prom” I said smiling at the boys faces

“I’m kidding boys, it’s never taken me any longer than 5 hours 42 minutes” I let out a laugh as I ran up the staircase to the head girl’s room.

I opened the door to a calm room with 2 girls in it

“Lucy in the shower?” I asked shutting the door behind me

“Yep” Ginny said smiling welcomingly at me from her seat at the vanity

“Well I’ll start on your make-up then, Hermione get over here” Hermione came and stood next to me as I began drawing piles of make-up out of my suitcase.

“You can never have too much make-up” I said in answer to Hermione’s shock before turning to Ginny. “Smoky eyes, pale face, deep red lips Hermione I need you to cast this spell, say ‘igne fulgor’ whilst imagining Ginny’s irises becoming pit’s of fire. “ I said all of this in quick succession and turned back to my suitcase to draw out the write make-up for the job. By the time I’d turned back ginny’s irises had become filled with warm orange flames.

I quickly got to work and was just finishing as Lucy returned from the bathroom in a house robe and sat on the bed next to Hermione.

“Finished” I declared and spun Ginny around to face the other guys

“Perfect” Lucy said with a smile standing up and moving to the other vanity.

“Right Ginny sits in front of Lucy, Hermione in front of me” I said and they quickly did as instructed. Lucy began to work her magic on Ginny’s hair and soon was instructing her of where to point her wand and place fiery strands of hair.

I turned back to face Hermione and began work on her face, she was wearing a dusty pink dress and I didn’t want to overdo the make-up so was finished quickly, we turned to watch Lucy add Ginny’s headdress/ tiara on with black onyx next to firestones that sat well in her hair and flaming gold chains that were braided through and interlinked to her hair.

Hermione moved on as Ginny came to help me with my make-up. I quickly applied thick eyeliner and blue eye shadow making me look slightly evil before turning to Ginny.

“Eyes again, this time say aqua obstrepat” I instructed. Ginny did so and I turned back to the mirror, delighted to see that my normal baby blue eyes now looked like the sea in a storm churning and foaming. “Thank you” I said before calling over Lucy as she’d finished on Hermione’s hair.

Hermione also had a tiara but this one without chains and simply had opals and a few rose quartz stones in it. Her hair was once again straight with a few bits clipped back like in the images from yesterday. I stood up and quickly did Lucy’s make-up in sparkling pinks and oranges before sitting down and letting her do my hair. My normally blonde hair was transformed into brunette which I had to admit I preferred on me. My hair was already naturally curly so we just left it down and added a silver circlet that would sit above my eye mask. 

I quickly did Lucy’s hair with Hermione’s help as before then we all turned to the closet to retrieve our outfits. I glanced quickly at my watch as I removed it and realised we had only 20 minutes until the ball would start. We hastened Hermione into her classic ball gown; strapless floor length a full skirted. We’d added some petticoats and a load of beading at the top but that was it. It was her mask that was the most intricate bit a network of tiny silver lines all worked into a lace mask shape with tiny pink gems dotted through it. She sat on the bed as we worked on Lucy as she was next easiest.

She was used to wearing dresses like this for our dance competitions so she was in it quickly and her feathered mask was in place along with her Latin shoes. I was next and earned gasps of appreciation at my dress which was now so layered that even without glamour it looked like a waterfall. Mindful of the fact that there might be fast dancing later I asked Ginny to put a release spell on mine and Hermione’s dresses so that when we said the word’s short dress out dress would shorten to just above knee height then return at the words long dress.

Finally with only 5 minutes left we began to help Ginny into her costume, first the simple deep red dress, halter neck back less and a short front of the skirt leading into a almost floor length back. Then the black corset that I had specially embroidered with the runes for fire so that when Ginny mentioned the word fire the image of flames would spread over her corset, the corset had laces at the front tied with a black ribbon. Then came the black leather 3 quarter length coat that completed her outfit. She slipped into her shoes and I asked Hermione to cast the fire glamour spell one last time to make flames flicker around the edges of her coat. Once her mask was on we all had a moment to catch our breaths before rushing out of the room and down the stairs.

Hermione and Ginny had told Ron and Harry to wait in the great hall for them so we could make a grand entrance together. We raced out of the silent common room and down the stairs as fast as we could in heels, Lucy and I found it fairly easy but Ginny was struggling slightly in her stilettos she could dance in them but not run.

We arrived at the closed doors of the great hall only a few minutes late, fashionably late as my mother would say. I looked over to my friends as I caught my breath to check if they were ready. Upon receiving 3 nods I pushed open the doors and we strode in our heads high. Chatter stopped as all eyes turned towards us, I scanned the crowd; I could easily pick out my classmates after all I’d made their costumes. Likewise I could see harry; he was currently starring open mouthed at Ginny and I smiled for her sake, at least harry noticed her.

I noticed the rest of the boys in the room were doing much of the same thing and ignored them as we headed straight for the table that contained only Ron and harry.

As we took our seats talk resumed slowly around the hall but most of the talk seemed to be centred on us 4. Harry leaned over to Ginny and gave her a lingering kiss

“You look amazing” he said

“You don’t look to bad yourself” Ginny said as she took in his tight top that matched her dress and his leather trousers. “Asha’s work?”

“Yep, I wanted to match you I got her help on Monday during potions” harry replied sheepishly

“Wait, so he knew about my surprise before I did” Ginny asked

“Yep pretty much” Lucy replied cheekily

I rolled my eyes and turned to McGonagall who had just stood up.

“Welcome all, now orders may be taken in the same way as at the Yule ball simply state what you desire from the menu and it shall appear. Also a notice all masks will magically be removed at midnight, if you do not wish to be unmasked make sure you are not in the great hall at midnight. The dance competition will start at 9pm and will be closed by some dancers who dance competitively at 11:45 precisely. Judging will be made between these two times and you will all asked to be moved off the floor for the display and awarding of the prizes” McGonagall seemed to pause and look around the room for something locking eyes with me briefly before beginning again “other than that, I welcome you all and hope you have a fun time” with that McGonagall sat down and menu’s appeared in front of each of our seats.

I turned to Lucy before ordering “what do you think she meant about the closers of the dance contest?” I asked

Lucy just shrugged and spoke clearly “sea bass” a plate of steaming fish appeared in front of her and Lucy dug in. deciding to put it out of my mind I also ordered the sea bass whilst the others all ordered pasta.

“So what is sea bass?” Ron asked

“The most heavenly fish in the world” Lucy said between mouthfuls.

I simply stayed quiet and kept eating only joining in the conversation when directly asked a question. When the desert menus came I quickly ordered cheesecake for Lucy and hid the menu so she couldn’t see there was trifle on it and go mental. After ordering the chocolate cake for me and finishing quickly I realised the dance floor was already open and some wizarding band were playing a fast beat tune that sounded suspiciously like a muggle song that had recently been released.

Harry pulled Ginny up to dance as she finished her desert and they were soon followed by Ron and Hermione. As the music changed to a cha cha that we knew well from dancing I pulled Lucy up and led her to the centre of the floor. She complained until she realised what song it was and nodded to me getting the idea.

“Short dress” I said and my skirt shrunk to a suitable cha cha length. I nodded to Lucy and counted in “5, 6, 7, 8” Together we began our solo cha-cha routine, flicking our legs out and letting ourselves go with it. By the time the song ended I’d completely blocked out everyone else and was shocked back into the real world as loud cheering surrounded us. I blushed slightly and curtsied next to Lucy before attempting to make my way out of the crowd and back to our table. I gripped Lucy’s hand determined not to be separated from her.

We got about half-way before I felt Lucy being grabbed from me and I was suddenly hugged from behind.

“Hey Ash” whispered a voice in my ear and I stopped myself from letting out a scream

“Sam” I said not daring to believe it

“TOM” I heard from behind me and turned to look over Sam’s shoulder. Lucy was hugging a sandy haired boy that despite the mask I recognized as Lucy’s dance partner tom

“It really is you!” I said suddenly happy as I pulled back face to face with Sam

“of course it’s me ash who else would it be?” he let out a small chuckle and my grin widened only he called me ash and got away with it, nearly everyone else got threatened with castration if they were male or me ripping their ‘perky little boobs off’ if they were female.

I hugged him tight then stepped right away and continued making my way out of the crowd that was now dancing to a new more modern song we finally reached our table and discovered tom and Lucy sitting there with Lucy giggling softly at something tom had said.

“Pack it in lovebirds” I said as I sat down at the table Sam sliding in next to me

“Why are you here?” I asked the two boys

“Your teacher, Mrs. Winter invited us” tom replied as if this answered everything

“Why?” Lucy asked intrigued

“To close the competition of course. Also we’d been bugging your parents to tell us where you were as you haven’t been at dance practise this week and since they couldn’t tell us we got invited here instead” Sam said

Lucy nodded obviously happy with this explanation and I just rolled my eyes, trust our dance partners to be that inquisitive.

“I came here to dance not talk, come on Luce” tom said and dragged her off as a slow song started up.

Sam opened his mouth to talk but McGonagall’s voice interrupted him

“The dance competition is now beginning we have 2 professional dancers out there grading you undercover, they could be anyone so good luck” McGonagall said

“Would you like to dance” Sam said

“We can’t win a competition we have to give out the awards to” I said as I stood up and took his offered hand

“Who said we’d win?” he said

“How does 10 years of training sound?” I asked in reply earning a laugh as he pulled me into dancing position.

I let my feet dance the steps they knew and looked around trying to see who had talent. I was happy to see harry had obviously learnt to dance since the Yule ball in his 4th year as he was holding an animated conversation with Ginny whilst twirling her around the floor in time to the song.

We spent the next 2 and a half hours dancing before Sam pulled me off the floor and met Tom by the doors to the hall.

“Right girls we’re doing the medley routine costumes are in this antechamber” tom said pointing to a door just outside of the door.

Lucy and I let out identical groans and stepped through the door into the antechamber. We hate the medley routine, the boy’s just guided us around the room whilst we got ridiculously tired showing off. Though it was the best one for us to show off with.

We slipped into our identical purple costumes the colour of our dance company and slipped on the masks provided. I quickly plaited my hair putting it up fully with the help of a hair band and a few clips left by whoever had placed our costumed here. I helped Lucy pull hers up into a ponytail and stepped into my Latin shoes, Lucy was already wearing hers.

We stepped out of the room into the entrance hall and began to warm up doing stretches for a few minutes before the boys joined us. We moved to our partner and began doing a few partner stretching routines we had a few lifts in this and it wouldn’t do to ruin our backs.

“How you doing?” Sam asked me

“Good” I replied “looking forward to seeing the surprise on people’s faces when we are unveiled as the ‘professional dancers’” I said putting quotation marks around the words professional dancers. No one other than my family and Lucy knew that I danced and I was wondering what everyone’s reactions would be.

Sam’s hand came and gently turned my face to him “it’ll be fine you’ll see” he leant forwards and gently kissed my cheek to my shock before pulling away and leading me towards the door. In the medley the boys entered first with matador cloaks as the first dance was a Paso Doble. I moved further back next to Lucy and she grabbed my wrist.

“Did I just imagine that? Or was it what I think it was?” Lucy asked me

“If you think Sam just kissed me on the cheek then yes that’s what it was” I replied

Lucy let out a quiet squeal and looked like she was about to start jumping up and down

“calm down” I said pulling her down to earth as I heard the introduction to the music and Tom and Sam strode into the great hall.

“Right, calm, breathe in and out. In and out” Lucy paused for a moment before whisper yelling “Sam kissed you, I knew he liked you” I rolled my eyes knowing it was hopeless and just waited for our cue. I heard a build up in the music and moved to stand right by the door waiting for the boom when we could enter.

I threw open the doors as I heard it and Lucy fell into position to my right as we stomped and promenade walked our way down the hall reaching the dance floor in what felt like seconds. We were immediately swept up by our respective partners and into the first lift earning gasps from the audience who I then tuned out, focusing only on the music and dancing.

After Paso it was a waltz, then a samba, then the foxtrot alternating fast and exhilarating with slow and calming. We ended on my favourite the salsa and ended in a spectacular lift with Sam only holding onto me with one arm whilst I was out stretched in the air above him. I let the cheers filter through and smiled as Sam threw me into the generating some screams. Still smiling wildly I executed a perfect double somersault landing perfectly even in my 3 inch heels earning even more cheers as Lucy landed next to me.

We walked as a four to the front and took a bow or curtsied, this is what I loved about dancing. We made our way to the front of the room where 2 people who looked familiar were waiting. As we got closer I realised it was our dance teachers madam Tefler and monsieur Gerter. So they were the judges for the dance competition! That must be the real reason why Sam and tom where here.

As we reached the front we heard them debating and I realised they were debating the winners of the competition.

“I think that blonde haired boy and his partner were definitely first place” argued monsieur Gerter

I knew there was a reason I didn’t like him, he wanted to crown Malfoy best dancer of Hogwarts, please.

“Well I think the fire pair was amazing they were so in tune with one another” argued madam Tefler

“If I may” I interrupted before the argument descended into chaos “I agree with madam Tefler, the two were so in tune with each other and their moves were practically seamless. The bond between two people in a partnership is important and the blonde and his partner were not”

Madam Tefler nodded in agreement with me as did my 3 friends.

“Well I see I am outvoted” sighed monsieur Gerter “they were very good I suppose”

“Now we wait for midnight” I said as I looked around the ball room. Most people had started dancing again not bothering to wait for the results to be announced.

“So what are their real names?” madam Tefler asked

“Harry potter and Ginny Weasley” I answered without thinking

“How did you know that?” monsieur Gerter asked sharply

“I made their costumes” was the only reply I gave.

We only had to wait a few minutes before the clock stroke midnight and a silver glow covered the hall, when it dissipated all the masks in the room had vanished except the ones on our faces and there were many exclamations of shock surprise and joy.

However silence fell as we stepped onto the stage behind our teachers.

“Well done everyone” McGonagall announced “these are the two judges who you have had to impress and they along with their 4 pupils have come to a decision as to first and second place.

I nodded to Lucy and tom who stepped forwards and took the second place trophy from our teachers.

“The second place award goes to” began Tom

“Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass” Lucy announced

There were cheers from the hall though they were not that enthusiastic about it, as Draco and Astoria came to collect their prizes.

Now I stepped forwards with Sam shadowing me

“The award for first prize goes to” began Sam

“Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley” I announced

This time the cheers could have lifted the lid off the place and they only got louder as the two made their way up to the stage. As I gave harry his prize I leaned in and said “umbra oneraiis” he looked up to me and saw my stormy eyes and stepped back in shock. I just winked at him and nodded once before stepping back.

I heard him whisper “trust me” into Ginny’s ear before grabbing her arm and waving his wand causing a shadow to engulf them and when it cleared they had disappeared to more gasps of surprise.

“Now 2 of these professional dancers are actually people who have been around all of you for the past week, if they would now remove their masks” said McGonagall

I resigned myself to my fat and slowly removed my mask. There were gasps of shock and a cry of outrage that I could recognize only as Trisha before a thunderous applause started up again. Smiling softly I grabbed Sam's hand and walked off the stage happy with what I’d accomplished.

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