The magical exchange

This is for the one week at Hogwarts competition.

The whole class took in a breath as one. Had we heard right?
"Yes, that's right we will be participating in an exchange with Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry"

I turned to my best friend and in unison we screamed We were going to hogwarts!!!!

will have all canon couples i prefer it that way. Set in the year after the war as if the trio all went back to school and are in ginny's year.


5. Lunch and Potions

I laughed out loud with Lucy as we ran down the halls to lunch. That was so much fun!

I eventually slowed down as we reached the staircase but Lucy carried on running hopping and skipping over steps taking them 2 or 3 at a time. Once or twice she even looked like she was going to jump over the edge of the staircase. After pulling her back from the second floor landing I decided to address the problem.

“Are you ever sensible?” I asked

“Well you’re sensible enough for both of us so I’m silly enough for both of us” Lucy said before sticking her tongue out and running off down to the great hall. I rolled my eyes and followed her down at a much more… sedate pace.

When I made my way down to the hall Lucy had already started on lunch and was holding an animated conversation with Ginny and Hermione. She was motioning with her hand at her hair so I presumed they were talking about the ball. Harry sat to the right of Ginny looking a bit stranded so I sat down in front of him and began piling food on my plate.

“Hey harry” I said

“Hey Asha, I don’t suppose you can translate for me?” he gestured helplessly to the girls and I tuned in.

“So if we Dutch across the crown and ringlet the back we can knot and pin the rest into the crown add a coronet with margarite’s and baguettes with a trail down the hair that can be intertwined.” Lucy was saying gesturing to Ginny’s hair

“They’re discussing Ginny’s hairstyle for the ball. Basically she’s having a braid across the front of her head a ringlet bun at the back with a pearl and jewel tiara with jewelled trails down the hair.” I said simply.

“Oh… why is she using those words then?” he asked

“Lucy likes to be confusing” I said “so harry, what are you going as for the ball?”

He looked over to Ginny and noticed she was still engrossed in conversation so lent forwards to talk quietly to me.

“I’m not sure, I wanted to match Gin and since I know you’ve seen her outfit I was wondering if you could help?” I rolled my eyes at him and sighed boys left everything till last minute.

“Of course I’ll help, but you can’t tell Ginny what your costume looks like at all o.k.?” I said

“Why?” he asked

“Well, I had some left over fabric and have this perfect idea for Ginny so I’m going to make her dress from scratch but she thinks I’m still fixing up her old one. If you tell her what your costume looks like she’ll want to change hers and then the surprise will be ruined” I explained.

He nodded and seemed to think for a moment.

“If you want you can partner with me in potions and talk about it then. Lucy can partner with Hermione Ron didn’t continue potions. The ministry told us we didn’t need it being the saviours of the wizarding world if we want to become aurors, but I want to do it the right way you know?” He suggested

I nodded in answer to both of his questions and began to eat quickly, we only had a few minutes until potions started and Lucy was still talking about accessories. I finished my last mouthful in time for Hermione to stand and look pointedly at harry.

Harry finished his desert and stood to leaning over the table to say goodbye to Ginny before he began to follow Hermione out of the hall. I grabbed Lucy’s arm and put down the bowl of trifle that she was hording.

“No more trifle for you” I said as I dragged her out of the hall with her screaming all the way

“No my precious, I will kill you, strangle you Gollum, I am Sméagol give me my precious” she screamed earning some weird looks from the magical people and some chuckles from the few from our class who’d watched the lord of the rings.

I rolled my eyes “you are not a hobbit and the trifle is not a ring” I yelled as I dragged her from the room. The second we reached the entrance hall she stopped screaming and stood up.

“Well that was fun” she said before running off after Hermione and harry.

Rolling my eyes again at her behaviour I ran after her trying not to be late.


*  *  *


I reached the potions corridor just in time and slid in line next to harry.

“So harry” I said “how good are you at potions without the half-blood prince’s help?” I asked

He looked at me shocked and I sighed “book series, I know your life better than you do” harry nodded but looked a bit creeped out still. Luckily the door opened and professor Slughorn emerged to usher us all in.

I took a seat at the back, near the doorway; I wanted an escape if something went wrong, which with me here it probably would.

“Today class, we will be brewing a forgetfulness potion. Now this is a fairly easy brew so I expect all of you to do perfectly” stated professor slughorn. I wanted the ground to swallow me.

Every time I cooked anything something blew up and chemistry was atrocious. I understood all the theory but for some reason every experiment I did went wrong. As everyone began gathering ingredients I turned to harry.

“I’m warning you now; I am dangerous with cooking so I imagine potions will be no different. I will collect and prepare the ingredients you can do everything else.” I said sternly before going to the cupboard after checking the board for the list of ingredients.

I returned minutes later with my arms full with ingredients. I placed them on our desk and placed them in order of when they went into the potion. I measured out the first few ingredients and prepared them before telling harry he could start. I finished within 10 minutes and sat quietly watching not wanting to mess it up.

30 minutes later and within 20 minutes of the end of the lesson we had a cauldron of perfect forgetfulness potion and not one thing had blown up! I breathed a sigh of relief as harry bottled our potion and placed it on the desk whilst I moved to clean up. I put away any leftover ingredients and took the knives I had used over to the sink and began scrubbing them.

Whilst I did so I chanced a look around and was surprised to see we were the first ones finished. Harry brought the cauldron over and began scrubbing that out as I finished washing the rest of the equipment. I quickly put that back in its places and sat down at the desk cleaning that of then pulling my sketch pad and some pencils out.

Harry soon joined me and peered over my shoulder gasping at the image I had just drawn.

“So here’s what I’m thinking” I muttered gesturing to the drawing. “Ginny is going as a kind of fire demon/devilish creature. It fits perfectly with her colouring though I’m going to have to be careful with not using too many blacks, you however I can go overboard with. I’m thinking a vampire/king of the underworld look. But I want you to look dangerous and fiery not creepy o.k.?” harry just sat there nodding his head and still looking shocked at the image I had drawn.

I rolled my eyes and soldiered on “so I’ll use the same material as Ginny’s dress is made of to make the main shirt, but then I’m thinking leather frock coat style jacket with chains, buckles, the works maybe a few fake weapons and glamour on your teeth to give you vampire teeth.” I paused for breath and thought a bit “then black trousers, boots with black metal greaves, a glamour that causes flames to fly along the edges of your jacket. I’ll work out a spell that’ll transport you and anything you’re holding through shadows to add to the effect and you’re done” I said with a flourish as I added the last details and annotations onto the designs.

“You can make this?” he asked wonderingly.

“Yep, I only have Ginny’s dress to make, you’re costume and Hermione’s alterations to finish by Saturday and it’s Tuesday now” I said smiling before turning back to my sketch pad. I made to turn the page to look at Ginny’s design before I realised harry was looking over my shoulder.

“No way” I said gently pushing his face away “I want Ginny’s dress to remain a secret, I’ve already told you too much as it is” harry put a puppy dog look on his face but I just rolled my eyes and turned so he couldn’t see me. I spent the next few minutes adding more details to Ginny’s dress whilst the class around me bottled their concoctions and waited to be dismissed. I slid my sketch book into my bag and stood as slughorn announced he was pleased with our work and we could leave.

I stood grabbed Hermione and Lucy by the hand and began dragging them to the Gryffindor common room

“come on,” I said “I need to get started on finishing Ginny’s dress and adding the things Hermione conjured last night” I said as I pulled harder causing the two to laugh at me. I dragged them all the way to the common room and we spent the next few hours finishing Hermione’s costume and starting Ginny’s.

When I and Lucy went back to our dormitory I immediately started on Ginny’s real costume as Lucy watched me until she fell asleep. Checking my clock I realised it was midnight and quickly put down my needle going to bed and looking forward to tomorrow.

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