The magical exchange

This is for the one week at Hogwarts competition.

The whole class took in a breath as one. Had we heard right?
"Yes, that's right we will be participating in an exchange with Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry"

I turned to my best friend and in unison we screamed We were going to hogwarts!!!!

will have all canon couples i prefer it that way. Set in the year after the war as if the trio all went back to school and are in ginny's year.


6. Friday

The week continued fairly uneventfully if you don’t count Lucy deciding to terrorise the castle with pranks. She’d made friends with a boy in Ravenclaw who was just as funny as her and he was willing to do all the spells she told him to. Since Tuesday they’d unleashed a grand total of 51 pranks upon the school, they’d targeted everyone from the teachers to the house elves who’d all appeared on Tuesday morning in ballet outfits and began doing a swan lake recital.

The most humorous of their pranks had to be this morning when they had dressed professor muto, slughorn and Hagrid in black leotards and enchanted them to dance to Beyonce's ‘all the single ladies’ at breakfast. All I can say is that I feel lucky I don’t eat breakfast as many at the Gryffindor table turned green.

Today was Friday, one day before the ball and I’d only just finished Ginny’s costume. Unlike Harry’s costume which I had finished in one night Ginny’s had taken me considerably longer as I had to sew many parts by hand and some of the detailing was exquisite. It was the end of classes and I’d just gotten out of another ancient runes class with Hermione and Lucy.

We raced together to the Gryffindor tower and climbed the stairs to the head girl’s room; we burst in laughing to find Ginny lounging on her bed waiting for us. She smiled as we came in and jumped up, coming straight to me.

“What is it?” she asked and I simply smiled in response. We’d told her this morning we had a surprise for her after school today and she’d been bouncing around asking us all day. It was lucky she hadn’t asked harry yet as he would probably have caved in for her.

“Well first, we’re going to get Hermione to try her dress on and Lucy can sort out her hair for tomorrow. Then Lucy is going to show you all her dress and try it on, then I will and then we’ll get your surprise.” I said. Ginny stopped bouncing and flung herself onto her bed doing a good imitation of a tantrum.

“it’s not fair, I have to wait that long!” she said glaring up at me I just nodded and turned back to where Hermione was getting into her outfit.

“Lucy you know what to do as I sat down on the bed next to Ginny and watched as Lucy worked her magic. Whilst I was good with hair Lucy was amazing. She carefully incorporated Hermione’s mask into her outfit and was finished only 20 minutes later. I pulled out a camera I’d borrowed off professor McGonagall, why she had it I don’t know, and took pictures from every angle so Lucy could replicate it quickly tomorrow.

Lucy then slipped into her outfit for a cha-cha dancer and I attached her mask complete with feathers Hermione waved her wand at Lucy’s hair lengthening it slightly and making it go into loose messy ringlets I clipped a few sections back and we again took photos.

We continued the process for me before we reached Ginny.

“Now Ginny your surprise is in here” Lucy said pointing to Ginny’s closet. Ginny opened the door looking confused but then all emotions but shock were wiped from her face as she saw the outfit in there.

“For me?” she gasped, I just nodded then almost fell over as she jumped to hug me.

“Thank you, thank you!” she said I smiled at her and pushed her towards it getting her to try it on. We only had about half an hour until me and Lucy had to leave and I knew it would be chaos back in our dormitories with all the girls wanting me to tweak this seam here or add a sequin here. I was enjoying having fun with my friends over here.

Ginny had rushed into the bathroom with the dress so whilst she was gone I quickly hung up all our dresses in Hermione’s wardrobe and turned back just in time to see Ginny emerge. Even without all of the effects we had planned and without a mask Ginny looked stunning. She would easily win the prize for best costume and I felt proud of myself for being to one to help her get there.

She looked at our faces and gasped “what is something wrong? Do I look hideous?” she turned in a circle trying to see if there was something wrong with her dress but we just shook our heads silently.

“You look… amazing” said Hermione

“You look like it was made for you” Lucy said

“That’s because it was made for her” I said slightly irritated. Before speaking to Ginny in a much kinder voice “you look wonderful Ginny, you can keep that after this, it’ll never fit anyone else and you can have it as a reminder of us. Now we are going to add a few spells tomorrow to make you seem more like your character but you could wear it like that at any formal occasion” I said and Ginny smiled at me.

“All I need now are shoes” she said and I nodded drawing a box from under the bed.

“These were mine, but I outgrew them and I think you’ll love them.” As I said this I opened the box and withdrew one shoe, it was a red stiletto with black lace covering the entire shoe and metallic material at the toe and heel. “We’ll enchant them to release sparks when you stamp your feet and they’ll be perfect” I said and Ginny simply nodded smiling widely as she slipped into the shoes.

Tomorrow would be perfect for us.


*  *  *


Unfortunately for me, the rest of that day wasn’t perfect when we got back to our common room there was a queue of people outside our door waiting to see me and I resigned myself to a late night altering outfits. It seemed that some people were wearing heels and their skirts were too short or they had worn heals for the last outfit I’d made them so the skirt was too long.

Another girl had wanted a sash added and another some beading work along the neckline. It was the early hours of the morning by the time I’d finished and as I flopped down into bed I announced to Lucy

“Never again, will I make our entire year costumes. Never again”

The only reply I got was a quiet snore which I decided was the best way to go as I let dreams claim me.

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