The magical exchange

This is for the one week at Hogwarts competition.

The whole class took in a breath as one. Had we heard right?
"Yes, that's right we will be participating in an exchange with Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry"

I turned to my best friend and in unison we screamed We were going to hogwarts!!!!

will have all canon couples i prefer it that way. Set in the year after the war as if the trio all went back to school and are in ginny's year.


8. Epilouge

When we left on Saturday I was uncharacteristically almost late. I was too busy saying good bye to my friends wishing I could see them again and knowing I probably wouldn’t. How wrong I was when only 16 years later I met with my friends again standing on the hidden platform next to my dance partner waving goodbye to my eldest daughter. Life really is all about coincidences.

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