If I'm Louder... Would You See Me?

Raven and Lennox are best friends.Harry, Niall, and the other boys in One Direction are friends with Raven and Lennox.
While Harry and Lennox constantly fight deep down Lennox knows she loves him, but Harry is too oblivious to see.
Raven has always wanted to tell Niall how much she loves him she just doesn't know how.
Will they end up together or will they fall apart?
Read more to find out...


5. The Unmentionable



One week later...

“Could you seriously be any more ANNOYING?!” I groaned.

          Harry groaned. “Well, I wouldn’t have to be if you just let me finish my story,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

          I sighed. “No one wants to hear your stupid dream about how I died in a zoo.” Yes, that’s right. A zoo. He just loves getting on my nerves. Harry just stayed in his seat with his arms crossed. Being the kid that he is, he stuck his tongue out at me. I returned the favor by mocking him.

          “Do you guys have to fight every time we come over?” Liam’s rough voice said.

          Harry chimed in, “I wouldn’t have to if she could just be quiet!”

           “You were making fun of me! How could I stay quiet?” I retorted.

          “Whatever.” Harry mumbled.                                                

          Louis, who was sitting over by Liam, stood up. “Guys, guys…” he said in a guru voice. “You just need to learn to love each other.” He walked over to me and Harry. He took a seat and put his arms around our shoulders. “Love makes the world go round, children. As does some science junk.”

          I smiled innocently and looked at Louis. “Well maybe I could love Harry,” my eyes drifted over to Harry’s suspicious face. Then I felt my stare harden. “If he was a cat.”

          Harry glared at me. “You’re lucky if you can keep a cat alive!”

          “That’s enough!” Liam yelled, causing me to flinch and look at him with scared eyes. It brought back bad childhood memories which is why I moved to Dublin with Raven. Liam saw my scared face and his cold look, softened. “Have you packed yet, Lennox?”

          I shook my head slowly and quietly.

          “Well, you’re going to now.” Liam stated. His eyes drifted over to Harry. “And you’re going to help her.”

          “But-‘’ “What?!” Harry and I spoke at the same time.

          Liam’s look hardened again. “No buts. No what’s. March.” He pointed up the stairs.

          “Fine.” I mumbled. We don’t usually mess with Liam especially when he’s in his ‘’father mode.’’ Harry stood up and started walking up the stairs.

          Zayn came out of the kitchen where he, Niall, and Raven were hiding from the fight. Raven’s parents weren’t home. “Vas Happenin’?!” He exclaimed.

          Harry gave him a cold glare and headed up the stairs, dragging his dirty feet on the stairs. Great. I followed 3 feet behind him and went to my room.


          My room is a dark blue and had lights surrounding it to create a Christmassy glow. My bed had white sheets and comforter, but my pillows were a splash of different shades of green and different flags. Quotes filled the wall, behind my bed and pictures of my friends and family were in front. Even Harry was in a lot. But I didn’t mind. I always kept my room a certain kind of messy and neat all at the same time. There was only one window where the night sky shone through. My closet was colored lime green and many song lyrics from different artists that changed my life.

          I walked over to my closet and grabbed two suitcases out and laid them open on the bed. “See those dressers over there?” I pointed to the two dressers that were next to the door. Harry nodded. “The right one has my pants and pajamas in it. Put a few in this suitcase, I’m going to grab some shirts.

          I went to my closet and pulled my favorite shirts off first.

          “What, no skirts, no shorts?” Harry asked from afar.

          “Nope.” I replied.

          “Insecure much?”

          I didn’t answer. This was a very personal subject that I didn’t feel like sharing with him.

          “Sorry.”  I could hear him mumble.

          I resumed what I was doing and turned around to set them in my suitcase. Harry didn’t even fold them and put them in. I sighed at them mess. “Couldn’t you fold them?”

          “Nope.” He retorted.

          I sighed and started folding them.

          “What cup size are you?” Harry asks from behind me.

          I turned around and asked, “What are you-“I looked at what he was holding. My bra! “Harry give that to me!” I run over, my face flushing with embarrassment.

          His face was full of mischief and amusement. “No. I don’t think I will.” Harry raised his arm with the unmentionable in it so it was out of my reach. I kept trying to reach it. “It’s amusing how short you are.” Harry said with a genuine smile.

          I kept jumping up and down until I tripped and fell on Harry. “Ouch.” I raised my head a little.

          “Are you ok?” Harry asked sweetly. One of his arms was holding my waist tightly.

          I nodded and looked up to his face. Our eyes met and his gaze held mine. I’ve never noticed what a beautiful green/blue his eyes were. Our heads leaned in unintentionally.

          Wait, stop! You hate him, remember?

            I quickly backed away and got off of Harry awkwardly. I cleared my throat and looked away, blushing at the thought that we almost kissed.

          Harry quickly sat up and handed me my brassiere. I slowly took it and sat there gawkily. We sat in complete silence for at least 5 minutes, trying to figure out what just happened.

          “Umm…” Harry said, breaking the silence. “Let’s not tell anyone about this.” He’s embarrassed. I am too.

          “Uh... yeah.” I agreed. “Let’s not.” I watched as Harry stood up and walked out of the room. Once he left, I noticed how empty it was. Even though there was 6 people downstairs and all this stuff in my room, I’ve never felt so alone.

          “Let’s not tell anyone about this,” repeated in my head. I felt a hard tug on my heart every time I replayed it. I rested my hand over my heart. I knew I was alive and breathing, but I couldn’t feel my pulse.

            I felt numb.


          A voice calls up to me and ruins my thoughts. “Lennox! Dinner’s ready!” Raven exclaims. “I kind of burnt it, but it’s still edible!”

          “Ok!” I yell back. I blinked and wearily got off my knees and headed downstairs.

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