If I'm Louder... Would You See Me?

Raven and Lennox are best friends.Harry, Niall, and the other boys in One Direction are friends with Raven and Lennox.
While Harry and Lennox constantly fight deep down Lennox knows she loves him, but Harry is too oblivious to see.
Raven has always wanted to tell Niall how much she loves him she just doesn't know how.
Will they end up together or will they fall apart?
Read more to find out...


3. The News


I charged into the room with Harry just trailing behind me. “Is that spaghetti, I smell?!” I yelled. Spaghetti is my favorite food, so yes, I’m very excited.

          “I don’t think you should eat.” Harry says as he makes his way to the table.

          I gave him a questioning look and sat in front of him. “Why?” I had the most obvious tone of curiosity in my voice.

          “Because,” Harry smirked. “It has carbs and I don’t think you what to get fatter than you already are.”

          I gave him my best evil glare and kicked his shin under the table.

          “Ouch!” Harry grabbed his leg and held it close to his chest. “God damn it, Lennox!”

          I smirked and looked up to Niall. “What’s the news?”      

          Niall just gave me a grin and told me to quietly stay seated.

          I crossed my arms and pouted at the plates.


          I waited for everyone to sit down and the spaghetti to be passed around. We gave grace and started munching on the spaghetti.

          “So,” Raven spoke up, “what’s the big news?” Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. Good job, Raven.

            Harry stood up and looked at me. “Of course this will only benefit Niall since Raven is his best friend. We aren’t allowed to have dogs, but oh well…”

          “Seriously,” Raven stated. “What is it?”

          Dogs? What does he mean by dogs?

          Niall smiled and looked at Raven and I. “We are going on tour!”

          I kept a bored look on my face. “And this benefits Raven how?”

          Niall sighed. “It benefits both of you. Harry’s just being an idiot. You both are coming on tour with us!”

          Raven shot up. “No way!” She ran around the table to hug Niall. “How did you pull that off?!”

“Well,” Niall started. “I asked Simon if it was ok to have you and Lennox-“

          “Which I was against.” Harry butted in.                                             

          I glared at Harry, but motioned for Niall to continue. “He asked ‘why’ and I played it off like we needed something from home to keep us grounded and shockingly he said ‘ok’!”

          Ravens eyes gleamed and Niall looked at them in awe.

          Niall? Does he like Raven?”

            Harry coughed ruining the moment. “We’re still not allowed animals though…” He said looking at me.

          “Well,” I smirked. “I’m sure we can find a human costume for you to wear. I don’t think they can be fooled though.” I gave him my most innocent smile.

          Harry groaned. “Seriously, does it have to come with us?” I rolled my eyes. “I mean, I know Raven and whatever that is,” he said looking at me. “But I’m sure they can go a year away from each other!”

          Raven’s head snapped to Harry so fast, she could’ve given herself whiplash. “A year?!”

          “Uhh…” Niall scratched his head. “Yeah did I forget to mention that?”

Raven held her head in her hands and sat down in Niall’s seat. “What about softball? I can’t just leave the team like that.”

Niall goes down to one knee and held Raven’s hand. “Please Raven.” Niall gave his famous puppy-dog eyes that looked like a wide-eyed furry creature. “Please, I can’t go a whole year from my best lad. X Factor was hard enough without you. Don’t make my heart break… please? For me?”

Raven sighed. “How would I get out of it?” her tone gave the sign to Niall that she was giving up.

“Yes!” Niall jumped up in happiness. “Ok, now a plan to get you off the hook.” He turned his head to me.

Everyone’s head turned towards me. I sat there in complete confusion. “What? Why is everyone looking at me?”

“Well,” Harry started. I rolled my eyes. This has got to be good. “You do have a weird mind. You can manipulate people to your will by bluffing and lying. If anyone has a good plan its you.”

Now everyone’s head turned towards him. You could literally see the shock dripping on everyone’s faces.

“What?” Harry asked. “Why is everyone looking at me? I know I’m good looking but seriously, what?”

“Did,” Mrs. Horan started.

“You,” Niall said.

“Just,’’ Raven trailed.

“Compliment me?” I blurted out.

Harry groaned. “Fine don’t help. Raven can stay here for all I care.’’ Out of the corner of my eye I could see Niall’s face fall.

He’s trying to mess with me. Whatever. “Fine. Give me a little time.” I could see hope flare in Niall’s eyes again. I stood up and left the room. Truth was, I already had a plan formed. I just needed a little time to figure out how to Harry back.


I was sitting for what seemed like an hour when it was only 15 minutes. I closed my eyes and sighed. I felt someone sit beside me. Heavier than me. Laid back against the couch. Head is over the seat a little bit. I can smell his stupid, very strong cologne. All I needed was to hear, feel, and smell him to know who it was. “You tricked me Harry.” I sneered.

“I had to. Did you see Niall’s face?” Harry whispered.

I opened my eyes and faced him. “So I’m not the only one who caught that. Why are you for this? you want me gome.”

“I’m not for this.” Harry sighed. “But I do want Niall to be happy. Like you want Raven to be.”

“You know how my mind works. Why don’t you come up with a plan?”

“I don’t have a wicked mind like you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine.” I got up and went into the kitchen. I saw Mrs. Horan, Niall, and Raven’s desperate faces.

 I took a deep breath. “Raven goes to her parents and announces the tour. Of course, they flip out but you name the benefits. Places around the world have softball and you can learn new things from them. They should soften up.”

“Do you think it would work?” Raven asks standing up and making her way towards me.

I shrugged. “Niall and I can come along for any questions.”

“What about me?” Harry asks from behind me. He just came in the kitchen to see all the commotion.

I looked at him. “You stay away so we don’t fight, it’s a bad sign”

“So…” Raven started. “Do you think we can pull this off?”

I shrugged again. “We can only try. My plans aren’t foolproof.”

Raven nodded, “Ok then, let’s do it!”




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