If I'm Louder... Would You See Me?

Raven and Lennox are best friends.Harry, Niall, and the other boys in One Direction are friends with Raven and Lennox.
While Harry and Lennox constantly fight deep down Lennox knows she loves him, but Harry is too oblivious to see.
Raven has always wanted to tell Niall how much she loves him she just doesn't know how.
Will they end up together or will they fall apart?
Read more to find out...


2. Smoke Detector


I laughed as I shut the door and face Mrs. Horan, Niall's mom. Niall is one of my bestfriends, aside from Lennox. I grew up with him and I know everything about him and vice versa. He has a girlfriend now, I haven't met her yet though.

Can you keep a secret?

I'm in love with my bestfriend.

No, not Lennox. That would be wierd...

"Thinking about Niall, sweetheart?" Mrs. Horan asked, interrupting my thoughts.

I shook my head. "Huh? What?" I looked at Mrs. Horan.

"You had that look." She said.

"What look?" I asked avoiding her question about Niall.

"The look you get when spending time with Niall, I know that look."

"Humph, what are we having for dinner?" I asked, hoping to change the embarrassing subject.

"Spaghetti" she replied.

I gave her a happy look. "Lennox's favorite!"

"Yes, and only because her and Harry have been fighting unusually often." She wisely said.

"Why do you think it's so bad?" I question her.

"I think something, or should I say someone's, feelings have changed." She said thoughtfully.

"What do you mean?" I ask, curious.

"Oh nothing Raven, don't worry about it." She evaded the question.

Making the spaghetti doesn't really busy my mind so my thoughts drift to Niall.

What am I going to do?

I'm going to tell him how i feel!

No! He obviously doesn't think

of you that way!

My subconscious replies.


Why not? It's not as if it'll hurt anymore

than it already does.

The sound of the smoke detector going off breaks my train of thought. Niall comes running into the kitchen.

“You can tell Raven and my mom, are cooking when the smoke detector goes off.” Niall said when he realizes that there is no actual fire.

          “Yeah, but it’ll still taste good” I said lightly punching his arm.

          “Hey now, I’m not the arsonist here” He says triggering an early memory.


I was mesmerized by the flames of the fire. It was beautiful. My real father taught me that I could swipe my hand through the fire, real fast, and not get hurt. I wonder if it’ll work on this scale of fire. So I started to swipe my hand through the fire but I was going too slowly, I could feel the fire burning my hand, yet strangely I felt no pain. Then someone dragged me away from the fire.

            “What?” I ask nastily “Oh hi Niall, what’s up?” I ask hiding my hand behind my back; I could feel the pain now.

            “Nothing, what is wrong with your hand?”

            “Nothing, why?”                                              

            “You are hiding it behind your back and I saw you stick it in the fire.” He said eyeing my arm.

            “It’s nothing” I said quickly. He reached behind me and pulled my hand close to him. He did something astonishing, he kissed my fingers, right on the tips, as he looked into my eyes. I believe this is when I realized I loved him. I was only 7.


“Hello, earth to Raven.” Niall said while playfully rapping his knuckles on my head.

          “Hello!” I said with a smile.

          “You ok? You looked pretty deep in thought there. But I didn’t think that was possible because of how empty your head sounds right now.” He said with a wink.

          “Hey!” I said while I punched his arm.

          “Foods done!” Mrs. Horan said, interrupting our little play fight.

          Harry and Lennox both practically charge into the kitchen.

          “OK everybody get your food, and then go sit at the dinner table, Harry and I have some very important news for you!” Niall said enthusiastically.



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