If I'm Louder... Would You See Me?

Raven and Lennox are best friends.Harry, Niall, and the other boys in One Direction are friends with Raven and Lennox.
While Harry and Lennox constantly fight deep down Lennox knows she loves him, but Harry is too oblivious to see.
Raven has always wanted to tell Niall how much she loves him she just doesn't know how.
Will they end up together or will they fall apart?
Read more to find out...


8. One Day Left...


  One Day Before Tour

    "Raven! Why do you always wait until the last minute to do things?" Lennox asked.

    "That's just how I roll Lennox, don't blame me." 

    "Okay then, better question, why do you have to pack so much?"

  I looked at my 3 suitcases already packed and my fourth one already overflowing. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

  Lennox laughed and tried to stuff all of my clothes into the fourth suitcase.

  Honk! There was a car outside waiting for me and Lennox. The boys were taking us to the county office to renew our passports.

    "Alright Lennox it's fine I'll get it after we renew our passports, OK?" 


     "Let's go.'' I say excitedly.

  As we run outside we see the boys waiting for us with a black van. I looked at Niall and my jaw about dropped. He was wearing a white v-neck with a plaid button up shirt unbuttoned, jeans, and Supras. 

    "Hey, Raven, Lennox." Niall yelled, while leaning against the van. Whoa.... 

    "Hey" We yelled back. Niall couldn't keep his eyes off me. I was wearing a floral skirt, Steve Madden boots, and a graphic tee with Stitch on it. It made me feel good that I can get Niall's attention. I saw Lennox's eyes travel around the boys and land on Harry. I didn't understand the staring because he was only wearing a gray v-neck, jeans, and suede shoes.

    "Nice outfit Raven" Louis complimented. I blushed and looked away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Niall give an angry look at Liam and Liam mouthed 'clam down'. "What?" Louis says after a couple of seconds. "Don't lie lads, you know you were thinking the same thing!"

  All the boys, except Harry, looked down in embarrassment. "I wasn't" Harry spoke quietly. 

    "That's because you were busy looking at Lennox." Louis said with a suggestive wink. Harry's face hardened in anger and he started to walk after Louis' retreating figure. 

    "Why don't we go..." I trailed hoping to avoid a fist-fight. Everyone agreed and we loaded up in the van. 

    This will be an awkward ride... 

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