A dream come true

two girls, kayla and cierra are both big fans of one direction and it would be their dream to meet them in person but when they meet, will these girls fall for harry and niall.


4. the trip to england

kayla's pov-

we got the tickets in the mail about 8 in the morning. the flight leaves at noon

okay so do you have everything you need? I asked kind of nervously. yea it think I cant wait to finally meet Niall horan. and you get to meet harry!

cierra's pov-

kayla is obsessed with harry I wonder if they will get together??? most importantly if me and Niall will get together, hope so.


kayla's pov-

the flight was eight hours long and im so tired, I didn't sleep on the plane I was to excited! when we get off the plane we see five hot boys standing outside with a sign that said our names, then I felt cierra squeeze my arn and whispered" omg its one direction" I was like im not blind you know that right lol.

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