A dream come true

two girls, kayla and cierra are both big fans of one direction and it would be their dream to meet them in person but when they meet, will these girls fall for harry and niall.


2. the contest

kayla's pov-

cierra! get me some paper. WHY? she asked. well unless you don't want to try to win this contest, what contest?...really were u not paying attention to anything I just said?!? I yelled. nope was all she said. I sighed well we have to write a song for a one direction contest and if we win we could go on world tour with them. OMG start writing!!! well what do you think im telling you to get paper for to doodle?!?


Cierra's pov-

I got kayla some paper and she started writing lyrics Im really hoping we  win! I really want to meet them its been our dream for almost three years. Hey kayla are you almost done! no CC I just started like five minuets ago, it takes time ya know.



im done! kayla yelled. yesss lets send it in.

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