A dream come true

two girls, kayla and cierra are both big fans of one direction and it would be their dream to meet them in person but when they meet, will these girls fall for harry and niall.


3. the boys

harry's pov-

when is the last day of the contest liam. um I don't know ill ask paul. When liam came back he told me it was over in three days.


three days later

paul came in with a smile on his face and told us we had two girls from ohio who will be going on tour with us and he has to send them an email.



kayla's pov-

OMG OMG OMG  cierra come here right nowwwwww. what do you want woman! WE WON!!!!!!


cierra's pov

WHAT?!? we won for real! when do we leave. ummm tomorrow I think yayyyy! I cant believe we won.

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