A dream come true

two girls, kayla and cierra are both big fans of one direction and it would be their dream to meet them in person but when they meet, will these girls fall for harry and niall.


5. meeting the boys

kayla's pov-

when we get off the plane we see five smiling boys waiting for us. we walk up to them  the all said hello in their cute brittish accents. So tell us about youselfs louis tells us, well i start im  obviously a directioner they all chuckled and my favorite color is blue um i live in akron ohio along with cierra and i love to listen to music i said smiling shyly. ok love what about you niall said to cierra

cierra's pov-

omg niall just talked to my i thought SAY SOMETHING  i yelled in my thoughts, oh well im a directioner and my favorite color is purple and like kayla said i live in akron ohio. thats cool they sa thanks we said together.


harry's pov-i really wanted to get to know a little more about kayla she seems interesting. we startwalking to the limo to go to the hotel.when we got there the girls unpacked.

Zayn's pov-

it was really hot here in england so i yelled SWIMMING TIME!  the boys ran to their rooms and changed so did the girls.

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