A dream come true

two girls, kayla and cierra are both big fans of one direction and it would be their dream to meet them in person but when they meet, will these girls fall for harry and niall.


6. at the pool

kayla's pov-

we went to the pool to cool off but it turned into a splashing party harry kept chasing me around the pool with a bucket...where did he get a bucket???  he caught me and threw me into the pool i accidently hit liam and we went under water when we got up i felt really bad and started saying i was really sorry intilll he was laughing histaricaly at me "that wasnt very nice kayla" harry said while laughing, hey you are the one who through me at him i said . then every one started laughing. we went beck to the hotle and it started getting late, so we went to our rooms. i heard a knock at my door,it was harry"come in" he came in and sat on the bed and stared at me smiling, What? i asked, well i was kinda wondering if you ...umm wellif you wanted to go out with me he said. (in my head, OMG HE JUST ASKED ME OUT AHHHHHHH) , yeah sure, he smiled at me and said good night .

 i texted cierra

to;Cierra, omg harry just asked me out ahhhh

from cierra, omg what did you say?!?

to cierra, are u stupid what do you think i said...i said yes of course!

from cierra, well then be that way, jk ttyl im going to bed

to cierra, ok night girrrl


Cierra's pov-

i wish niall would ask me out i mean im happy for kayla but......(knocking) come in then niall came , hey wanna go for a walk? umm yea sure i got nothin else to do why not.


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