An unforgetable experience

Well, first off my name is Katie :) Im 17 and a massive fangirl. Dont ask me why but Iook at fangirling more as a hobby, I have a huge obsession over One Direction, I am crazy in love with ALL of them ! This is my story on how it goes when my friends and I decided to sneak around at one of there concerts....


1. Too much love !

  Katies POV

     I woke up and bacon was cooking, my mom loved making me breakfast for special accations. This one so happens to be birthday -.- Yuck. I hate the thought of getting older, its crazy to me that Im 17 already how could I even think about getting any older ? My mom runs into my room with a plate of steaming hot food, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL !' she screams just alittle to loud for my liking, 'Hey mom.' I spoke. I snatched the plate out of her hand and devowered the whole thing as she handed me a card.

"whats this?" I asked with a smirk on my face knowing exactly what she got me.

"Open it !" I looked at the card and started to tear the seal when a paper fell out, I opened it up and saw 2 backstage passes to the 'Take Me Home' tour. Me and my mom made a deal last year, If I could buy my own tickets for the next One Direction concert then she would buy me and one of my friends passes to see them after the concert.

"Thank you so much mom !" I was smiling uncontrollably at the fact that I was actually going to see One Direction in a week.

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