An unforgetable experience

Well, first off my name is Katie :) Im 17 and a massive fangirl. Dont ask me why but Iook at fangirling more as a hobby, I have a huge obsession over One Direction, I am crazy in love with ALL of them ! This is my story on how it goes when my friends and I decided to sneak around at one of there concerts....


2. School...

     I got up and sighed at the fact that even though it is my birthday, I still have to face the torture of school.


Finally after a few of my classes, I can eat. Lunch is the best time for me at school, we can eat and hang with our friends. I still havent told my friend Cora that I got the passes. I was set on taking her with me to the concert because she actually helped me save up the money to go to the concert.

"Heyyy birthday girl !" Cora said as she sat next to me.

"Hey" I smiled back. "Soooo, guess whos going to meet One Direction with me ?" I said overjoyed.

"ME ??" She almost cryed.

"HELL YES !" I laughed. She was just as crazy about them as I was. After we got finished fangirling and crying we throw away our trash talking about what were gonna say and how were going to get there attention. Cora was good at this kind of stuff, it was mainly because shes had a lot more boyfriends than I have, but I can control myself more.


The week passed by slow, I was exhausted from waiting on Thursday. Why couldnt it be Saturday already ?

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