An unforgetable experience

Well, first off my name is Katie :) Im 17 and a massive fangirl. Dont ask me why but Iook at fangirling more as a hobby, I have a huge obsession over One Direction, I am crazy in love with ALL of them ! This is my story on how it goes when my friends and I decided to sneak around at one of there concerts....


3. Concert time :)))))

 Finally ! After waiting 6 days for this moment it was actually happening, I have been planning my outfit for months so I knew exactly what to wear. I got everything I need and went to shower. The warm drops of water were running down my back as I was thinking about tonight, I was so happy !


I got out of the shower once the water got cold and put on my outfit,I had a pair of high-rise shorts and a rolling stone t-shirt for tonight. I decided to go alittle heavy on my eye-makeup to make my eyes pop. They were a hazel color so a black would look nice with it. I let my curly hair fall into place by itself, I loved my natural hair. I was giving Cora a ride to the concert and she rented a hotel for us to stay in, I had the radio blasting One Direction the whole ride there. There was heavy traffic as we got closer to the concert, my stomach was so tense when we parked. I felt my heart pounding and swore everyone else could too.


After waiting a good hour inline, we got to our seats. They werent that good but It doesnt matter much, were meeting them afterwards ! After the opening band played, everyone went insane waiting for there 5 idols to run onto the stage, Im not even gonna lie I was alittle excited to see Narry ;D They ran out on stage and everything was hectic, I was singing along and crying at the same time. Gasping for air as it got hotter and hotter in the stadium. I was having the time of my life.

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