Same Mistakes

Louis and Charlie have been best friends since birth but what happens when one starts to gain feelings for the other?


9. Permission.

Louis' POV

Simon said I can't walk away from the band, that I can't give it all up for her, the only other option is to ask her to come with me.

I walked into her room and sat down on the chair beside her bed waiting for her to wake up.

A few minutes later she began to stir before completely waking up and turning to face me.

"Hey sleepyhead." I said as she let out a small laugh, god I've missed hearing her laugh.

"Hey Lou." She replied as she smiled at me.

"I was wondering if.. You'd like to erm.. Come on tour with me and the boys?"

She looked at me before replying "I wouldn't like to.." I sighed as I looked at my hands then she continued to speak as she lifted my head up with her hands she whispered "I'd love to Lou!" before wrapping her arms round my neck and hugging me tightly.

I hugged her back and we stayed in that position for a while until the doctor walked in and said she could come home this afternoon.

I quickly packed her bags as she went to get changed.

"God Lou, it's not like we're in a rush, you could've just packed them at a normal pace." Charlie chuckled as she picked up her phone.

"Oh.. Yeah.. We kinda are..." I said as she tilted her head at me in confusion.

"Why?" She asked in confusion.

"Well we need to fly out to America in a few hours.." I mumbled as her eyes widened.

"Louis Tomlinson, how many times have I told you to not keep secrets from me?" She questioned me as she placed her hands on her hips, making me laugh.

"Oh y'know.. Just a couple hundred times.." I replied trying to hold back another laugh as she raised her eyebrows at me.

Well, it's time to see what America has instore for us..


I'm so sorry I haven't updated on this in a while..

I know I've been neglecting it but I've had really bad writers block.

Sorry it's short and shitty..

I'll make it more interesting again soon.

~Linds x

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