Same Mistakes

Louis and Charlie have been best friends since birth but what happens when one starts to gain feelings for the other?


2. Drifting.

Charlie's POV.

I feel empty inside.

It's been 26 months since I last saw Louis.

I have no idea what happened, one minute we were walking and talking like everything was fine then the next it was like he'd disappeared..

He ignored my texts, calls, tweets, inboxes, everything.

I'd only seen him on TV.

It was like he'd just stopped being my best friend and stopped caring about me.

I opened twitter to see if he'd tweeted anything.

I stopped as I came across a tweet he wrote which read..

"Off work this weekend, going home to Yorkshire, can't wait to see my friends and family and I certainly can't wait to introduce them to my beautiful girlfriend @EleanorJCalder and my band mates, excited!"

My breath hitched in my throat, he.. He doesn't care about me anymore because he has a girlfriend.

I jumped about ten foot in the air as my ringtone started playing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato loudly.

*Unknown number*

I took a deep breath as I answered, "Hello?"

"Hi, is this Charlie by any chance?" A thick Irish accent questioned me as if he already knew the answer.

I stopped dead in my tracks as I recognised the voice.. It couldn't be him, could it?

I thought for a few moments before replying..

"It depends, who's asking?" I asked not so curiously.

"My names Niall Horan, I'm from One Direction.. The band Louis' in."

"Oh." Was all I could manage to say to the blonde haired, blue eyed beauty.

"It's about Louis, you see, he wants to see you this weekend.. He wants to introduce you to the band and his girlfriend.. If that's alright with you that is."

"No.. I don't think that would be appropriate. I'm so sorry Niall." I croaked out before ending the call and bursting into tears.


I promised myself I wouldn't get upset.

I guess promises were made to be broken.


End of chapter 2, it'll get better :-)

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