Same Mistakes

Louis and Charlie have been best friends since birth but what happens when one starts to gain feelings for the other?


1. Casual.

*Charlie's POV*

"KEVIN, KEVIN GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW, DON'T YOU DO THIS TO ME, AHHHHHHH KEVIN"  I laughed as my best friend, Louis Tomlinson, yes I repeat, THE Louis Tomlinson, chased a pigeon round the park.

I've known Louis since birth and I rarely get to see him because of his busy career, but when we do get to see each other we normally hang out at the park, mature, I know.

I always make a bee line for the swings, I'm not even ashamed of my immaturity, if I see a swing, then the bitch is mine.

I focus my gaze on a kid that's playing in the sandpit, he has blue hair and blonde eyes and a heck of a lot of cuts and bruises for a kid his age, I wonder if he goes through what I go through..

Nobody knows the full story about my life, not even Louis, I just know that if I tell him, it'll crush him, he'll feel sorry for me and I don't want that, I don't deserve his sympathy.

"Hey, what's up?" Louis questioned me as he sat on the swing beside me.

"Oh, nothing." I sighed as I turned to face him.

"You sure? You know you can tell me anything, right?"  He said looking at me with those bright blue puppy dog eyes.

Grr, I hate it when he does that, I have to look away or I'll give in and tell him.

I nod my head as I get off the swing and grab his hand.

"Where are we going?" He asks excitedly.

I point towards the milkshake shop as I entwine my fingers with his.

I love how his fingers fit perfectly with mine, it's perfect.

"Hello, please may I take your order?" The waitress asked as our eyes wandered over the menu.

I looked up so my eyes met hers and I smiled to myself as I took in her appearance, she looked about 60, she had medium length fluffy grey hair and dazzling green eyes that had little wrinkles placed around the edges, she looked beautiful.

"Uh I'll have the dairymilk milkshake with maltesers please." I said as I smiled at her.

"I'll have the same, infact, please could you make that one large one with two straws?"  He looked like a little kid at christmas when our milkshake finally came.

The same old woman came by a minute later and handed me a note that read "Don't ever let him go, he's a keeper. The two of you make a cute couple. Mary x"


I dropped the piece of paper and excused myself, making my way over to Mary.

"We aren't a couple!" I chuckled nervously as I scratched the back of my neck.

"Well, you have feelings for him, don't you?" She quizzed me seeming rather amused.

"No, ahah, we're just friends, I promise!" She raised her eyebrows at me as I turned my back to walk away.

"Not for long." She smiled at me as I sent her a look of confusion.

Well, that was weird.. .-.




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