meeting the one

Electra has grown up living with the Weasleys and when ever she asks about her birth parents tensions is created. She can tell they're hiding something from her but what is it.


3. The Warning

I was so excited about the date with Draco but I couldn't tell anyone. I was to worried something might slip out so I was quiet all through breakfast wanting to smile over at Draco but I couldn't.

We had transfiguration, then herbology and after lunch we had potions.

In potions my luck changed. Today Snape said Gryffindor next to Gryffindor and the same for Slytherin. I sat next to Harry because he pulled me next to him.

We worked for a while the Harry said "Any funny business with Draco and I'm taking your owl off you." I know it doesn't sound much like a threat but an owl to me is like a mobile phone to muggles. I couldn't live with out Pippin and now if Harry found out I will no way of contacting people.

After potions finished we had some spare time before dinner, so I started walking to the library with Harry, Ron and Hermione but then said that I was going back to the common room. They said bye and I went of towards the common room. Once they were out  of sight I snuck down to the forbidden forest to meet Draco.

When I got down there, Draco was already there.

"I thought you weren't coming." Said Draco.

"Sorry, I needed to get away from Harry. If he finds out he's going to take my owl from me. I need to go back soon before Harry realizes I'm gone." I apologized.

We sat down by a tree and talked for ages and then it went quiet. We looked at each other and then our lips met. It was only for a few seconds but it was the best kiss I ever had.

After that we held hands and walked back to the school. As we got closer I went ahead in case Harry was there. I went straight  to the great hall. I was one of the first people there. A few more people came in and then so did Harry, Ron and Hermione.

"I went back to the common room and you weren't there. Where were you? You better hadn't of been with Draco." Harry asked as he sat down.

"I was at the common room for a while and then I went for a small walk for some fresh air then came here early. So there, I wasn't with Draco. Happy now?" I replied a bit angry that he didn't trust me even though I did meet up with Draco.

We ate dinner and then went to the common room. I walked up with Fred and George, who were the ones who didn't care who I was secretly dating.

When we got to the common room I said to Harry that I was going to go up to my dorm. Hermione followed me up there.

"So are you secretly dating Draco or not?" She asked when we got to our dorm.

"If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell Harry or Ron or anyone." I pleaded.

"I promise."

"Yes. That's where I was after school, with Draco." I admitted "Now you can't tell anyone."

"I won't, don't worry."

I then went to sleep hoping Hermione will keep the secret.

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