meeting the one

Electra has grown up living with the Weasleys and when ever she asks about her birth parents tensions is created. She can tell they're hiding something from her but what is it.


2. The Letter

My first class at Hogwarts was potions with Slytherin so that means a glimpse at Draco. We walked in and Professor Snape said Gryffindor and Slytherin sitting next to each other as well as girl next boy. Draco came over to me and asked if wanted to sit next to me and I said yes. Harry stared over a bit annoyed at the both of us.

It was fun. We talked as we worked, laughing at what each other said and just getting along really well. But every now and then Harry looked over. It was quite annoying because I couldn't look at Draco without Harry noticing I liked him. When potions finally ended we had no more classes with the Slytherins sadly. The day went on and at lunch and dinner all I did was look over at Draco as he looked at me.

As I got ready for bed, an owl came to the closest window to me in the dorm. Unfortunately, Hermione was closer. She opened the window and took the letter from the owls beak and closed the window. She looked at it suspiciously and handed it over to me.

It read,

Dear Electra,

                         I had so much fun today in potions class and was wondering if you would like to meet me on the edge of the forbidden forest after school tomorrow.

                        Love Draco Malfoy

I was so excited. I jumped into bed, found a spare piece of parchment and wrote,

Dear Draco,

                       I would love to but if Harry, Ron or Hermione found out, well let's not think about it.

                       See you tomorrow, Electra

I sent of my owl and had a party on the inside. Nothing could ruin my excitement.

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