Shannon had no one, she was bashed abused and bullied.
She had no one to talk to except her best friend Dannielle.
Is that all about to change or will she always be hidden ??


1. Introduction

One direction are my heroes!! They broke down my walls that I had put up over the years!! I wouldn't let anyone through but someone they manage along with my best friends Dannielle. I have a hard life and yet I don't really care I know ill be free someday but I also hate to admit it to myself. I have a horrible life. I hate to admit it because I hate to be the centre of attention. I get bullied, bashed and abused. 


Im bullied at school and everyone knows about it. What they don't know it that I'm bashed and abused at home and that's what I want to keep a secret. I block myself out so I don't get hurt. I block everyone out so no one can hurt me not Evan my family. 


Dannielle has been my best friend for as long as I can remember!! All my other friends just got up and left since they didn't like the chance of getting bullied themselves!! So they just packed up and left. Dannielle state and that's how I learnt to trust her. She promised me no matter how hard it will get for me she will always be there to pick up the pieces if needed! 


Oh and I nearly forgot my names Shannon, I'm 19, I have brown curly hair and puppy dog chocolate brown eyes, I'm not fat and yet I'm not skinny but most of all I'm HIDDEN




THANKYOU FOR READIN!! If u have read so far it means heaps :) I know chapters are short but I'm on my phone sorry 



πŸ’œ Shannon

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