Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


16. What I've done

I Had to be wrong, I had to be but it was the only way i could get around it but they could have been in a car crash, no i would have herd about it by now and if they where stuck somewhere they would have called.

I got my phone and surched my phone for my mums number then called her. i waited for all the beeps to go then it went to anser phone. I then tryed Calebs and my stepdads with the same result. my hole body went numb and my phone fell out my hand and on the floor

"Sugar what is it" Leeon said with a worried look. i opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out

"Ezza are you okay" said Kat. I just nodded, picked up my phone and slowly walked out the park. As soon as i was out the gates i went in to a full sprint and did not stop until i was got in the house and slammed it behind me

"Mum!" I called out franticly "Mum! Caleb! someone Please!" the dogs started Barking at the sound of my voice. So that is my family a Collie dog and a gray hound. the house was cold and empty and i suddenly felt very alone. I walked in to the Kitchen and sat on one of the dining chair. Why now, what did i do. Just then i hered a light knock on the door and  i got up of the chair and went to the front door when I opened it and Leeon was standing there with a worried look on his face. I motioned for him to come in and walked back in to the kitchen and leaned on the work top. With out knowing it tears started running down my cheeks and Leeon held his arms out to me. I ran in to them and he hugged me tightly as i sobbed in to his shirt

"what did i do, what did i do to make living with me so unbearable" I mumbles into his chest

"Its okay" he whispered stroking my hair. I stayed there until i was all cryed out then pulled away wiping away the last of my tears

"you okay" Leeon asked and i noded once "Why don't you get your things packed"

"why?" i said

"Because your coming to live with me" he smile and so did i. I liked the idea of living with Leeon but i also had a mini hope that maybe im just being silly and my mum will be through the door in a few minuets but i new i was wrong. I sighed and went up stairs.


I came down about ten minuets later with two suitcases with all the things i need. Leeon was standing at the bottem of the stairs and gave me a sad smile

"you know im gonna have to bring the dogs with me" i said

"I know, we have the space and our back garden is a masive feild"

"I guess so" i sighed "I don't want to leave this is my home i grow up here. so many memorys"

"I know but you cant let the past get in the way of your future like you said you cant blame your self for somthing you did not do" he said hugging me

"your right" i said and pulled away from him. i went to the living room where the dogs where and called them out. they came bundeling out with wagging talis and panting mouths. i picked up there leads and handed buzz to Leeon. i was just about to open the but somone was on the other side 

"Ezza? let me in" i sighed and opened the door to a worried looking Vicky "Are you okay Ezza" 

"Yeah im fine Vicky I'm gonna live with Leeon for a while"

"I'm so sorry here let me take your bag" he said taking my bag from my hand leaving me with a wagging Wren. I took a fag from my pocket and lit it

"Come on lets get you home" he said leeon trying to gain control over buzz who was pulling at the lead to get out

"Buzz be good" i mumbled and stroked his head making him stop pulling a plonk his bum on the floor. Vicky and Leeon steped out of the door but befor i could i took a moment to say good bye to the house. my hole chiledhood was taken from me so quickly and i dont even know what had done

just then Wren liked my hand and  barked quietly "what?" i asked and scratched his ear. he looked at Leeon and back at me and wimpered again "Your right i have to move on, like i said to leeon... hang on you whernt there so how do you know" Wren cocked his head to one side an did what i can only guess what a grin "Great" i mumbled " I have i psychic dog" just then Wren  winked at me "you are one strange dog" i said a walked out the door and closed it behind me.

"Come on sugar" said Leeon wrapping his arm around my shoulder. we walked out the gate and i said a sighlent last good bye to my childhood try to hold back tears but i was not going to cry at this i had promised my self after my dad died to never  cry unless i can't help it.


I was sitting out on the balcony at Leeons house. Our house. Buzz was snoozong at my feet and Wren was sitting on the floor next to me with his head resting on my knee. It made me think about how loyal and good my phychic Collie dog was, he never leafed me Wren and buzz where more of a family than my real one even if they could not speek.

"what did i do" i mumbled to wren, his blue eyes stairing in mine "I know i was not the greates person to live with i did i lot of this that i should not of done but is that enough to make them leave me" Wren wighned softly as if he was trying to figer it out as well.

"You okay" Came Leeons voice from behind me. I turned to look at him and nodded. He had two mugs of tea in his hands and passing one mug to me

"are you okay?" i asked and he nodded sitting on a chair opersit me

"what did i do" i mumbled to myself knowing Leeon would hear. "I meen me and my family never saw eye to eye i was always the odd one never fitting in. I was the one how smoked at the age of ten and cut off all my hair and dyed it blue when i was 13 always the odd onr out"

"your perfect Ezza and they made the rong choice, your you and no one should tell you to change" Leeon said rubbing my arm "Now come on we have school"


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