Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


7. The morning after (for my Friend Kali)

I woke the next morning with a banging head ache it was the mother all hangovers. sat in bed and that little movement made my head swing just then i herd a noise next to me. i turned my head to my right and Leeon was lying next to me wearing nothing but his boxers. I was surprised to see him but out of it to do anything about. I heard another groaning but on the left side of me. I looked over the the bed and on the floor lay Kali and Jaxon. she was fully clothed but Jaxon like Leeon was only wearing boxers

"Kali" i shook her and she slowly opened her eyes

"Ezza what are you doing in my house" she mumbled

"err your in my house" her eyes flow open

"what" she said sitting up and rubbing her head

"come on lets go down stairs and see if we can remember how we got here" i said getting out of bed i was still wearing my hot pants and Jone Jet t-shirt. Kali climbed up off the floor and held her head in her hands

"arr my head" she moaned

"thats called a hang over love ever had one before" i said clapping her on the back

"no" said looking at me through her tangled hair. i laughed at the look she gave me

"Welcome to my world hun" i put my arm round her shoulder and we walked down the stairs slowly. i was worried that Kali might fall.when we got in to the kitchen i put the kettle on and started making coffee for me and Kali. i held the mug to her and she grimmest 

"its just coffee it will help trust me" i said. she took the mug and siped it

"can i add milk and sugar" she said placing the mug on the work top and going to the fridge to get the milk. i sip mine slowly trying to find out how i ended up with Leeon in my bed and Kali and Jaxon on the floor. Kali sat up on the work top with her milky sweet coffee

"so what do you remember of last night" i asked her

"well what happened to me was one i changed my name to Kat and when you leafed Jaxon started coming on to me and we made out in till you came in with Leeon completely drunk then you said we should go home we got to your house and you asked if we would like to stay for a bit cos you had the house to your self so we went in and played drinking games and we played spin the bottle and who ever the bottle landed on they had to kiss for two minuets and with Leeons first go it landed on Jaxon and they had kiss for two minuets. I think i peed my self laughing so hard."

"oh god i remember that that was funny" we giggle at the memory

"yeah and later that things get a bit fuzzy and i don't remember falling asleep with Jaxon"

"humm" i mumbled "I'm hungry. want a fry up?" i asked  and she nodded taking another sip of coffee. I got the bacon, eggs mushrooms, tomato and bread from the fridge. I put some oil in the pan and put the bacon in and started chopping the mushrooms

"so what do you think happened" Kali asked

"well when i left back stage with Leeon we went in the the other room something happened"

"what?" Kali asked


Leeons P.O.V

My hand searched for the worm body that should be next to me but only found the bed cover. I sat up the room was small but had her personality. her art work was stuck up on the walls around me drawings of owls and crows  i rolled over to the edge of the bed and was surprised to see that Jaxon was on the floor wearing only his boxers and i was too

"hey Jaxon wake up" i said and kicked him lightly in the stomach he groaned and slowly got up

"what? wheres Kat"

"I don't know but i can smell bacon cooking and i want some come on get dressed."  i slipped on my jeans and top and walked out the room. the smell of bacon was stronger as i went down the stairs. I was bout to walk through the open door when i herd what the they where talking about

"Well after i said that hes good at wasting my time" came Ezza's voice "we both got very drunk and i think he tried to use my guitar and i think i nearly killed him" i smiled at the memory "we talked a lot and he got a lot of personal information out of me but i didn't  care and i still don't but the thing that really got me is before we leafed he kissed me"

"and you kissed him playing spin the bottle" came her friends voice i didn't catch her name last night

"really i don't remember" i walked in at that point but she had her back to me frying bacon and mushrooms in a pan. her friend saw me and smiled but said nothing. i put my index finger to my lips telling her to be quiet and she nodded to me

"so did you like the kiss" she carried on with the conversion as i creeper up closer to her

"err yeah i think i did" said Ezza flipping the bacon "How many eggs do you want" she asked cracking some in

"just the one for me" said the girl not able to stop smiling. I was right behind her now. i quickly wrapped my arms around her wast and pulled her to me. She let out a little scream and and her friend started laughing.


Erin's P.O.V 

I pulled away from and face him he had sly half smile on his face. I looked at Kali and she could hardly speak she was laughing so hard

"Err i don't know how much of that you herd-"

"oh i herd every word" he cut in. Blushed and hid my face but he came up to me and pulled my hands away from my face "Its okay" he whispered and then kissed my cheek "whats for breakfast? he asked and walked over to work to to sit on it like Kali

"what do you want?" he just shrugged at me "fine once I've done Kali's you can have the same and so can Jaxon. where is he by the way" just then he walked with his head in his hands

"arr the mother hangover" he mumbled and went over to Kali and kissed her on the lips very softly the sat next to he work top. all three of them took up the hole work surface. Just then i remembered something my dogs where missing

"Kat do you wanna get the boys from the living room" her eyes brightened at my words

"oh yeas pleas" he said jumping of the counter and running out the room. Jaxon and Leeon Looked at each other and then at me

"who's the boys" said Leeon and with his words two large dogs came running in to the kitchen they came to me first. i knelt in the floor and let them lick my face and jump on my back.

i stood up and barked "boys sit" they both plonked there bums on the floor and looked at the new strangers  they both new Kali but they did not know who these two boys are 

"Leeon, Jaxon meet my dogs they brown Gray Hound is Buzz and the Collie dog is Wren oh Kat your breakfast is ready" she came up and got the plate of food from me. and then i got Leeons on. i turned to see him on the floor fussing with Wren, Wren was loving the attention but Buzz got jellos he went up to Kat and she tossed him a bit of bacon and he court it in mid air

"Buzz you know the rules if you eat human food you need to sit up at the table" i said he look at me and wagged his tail then went to the chair next to Kat and jumped up on it. he sat down and Kat  tossed him a mushroom

"you trained your dogs well" said Jaxon. Wren had moved on to him now and Jaxon was rubbing his belly

"Wrens my fave have you seen his eyes" said Kat. Jaxon look at Wrens eyes and gasped

"i have never seen a dog with blue eyes there like sky blue"

"I know there beautiful" said kali. I plated up Leeons food and past it to him. he took it and kissed my cheek as he walked past me to the table and sat next to buzz how started at his food. I blushed and then started making Jaxon's  then wren came and sat at my feet liking my hand every now and then. when i had done Jaxon and they where all sitting at the table including Buzz. I could not help but stair at Leeon and admire how good looking he was then i looked down at Wren how was looking at me

"what?" i whispered to him "okay so maybe i'm a bit in love with him"

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