Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


14. The Girls are back in Town

I woke up at seven only because the sun was in my eyes. i let my eyes adjust to the bright light before a started to get up. I ran my hand under the bed sheets blindly searching for Leeon's body but finding Nothing. i frowned when i felt a warm draft carrying the sent of smoke. I turned to the french door that where wide open to see Leeon leaning over the small balcony smoking a fag. He was only wearing some loose trousers and nothing on the top. I quietly got out of bed and sliped on my vest top then stepped out side in to the air morning air

"Morning" i mumbled. he turned to see me and smiled

"Morning sugar" he said with a wink and flicking his fag over the balcony  he walked up to me and took my face in his hand and kissed me them again and then pulled away and and went back inside. I smiled and followed him in

"Was that it?" i asked leaning in the door way. he turned back to me with a sly smile then walked up to me and took me by the face  kissed me. my arms raped them selves round his neck pulling him closer to me. but he pulled away too soon

"come on we should get ready for school" he said. oh i forgot about school.

We spent the next half an hours getting ready and just as i thought we where leaving put an apple in my hand and got one for him self

"I have seen that you don't eat a lot sugar" he mumbled. i rolled my eyes and took a bite. He smiled and kissed my forehead. 

"Come on" he said wrapping his are around my shoulder as we leafed the house.


"When we got to school Bex, Kenna, Kat, and Vicky where waiting for use. Bex came running up to me

"Ezza every one knows some one took a video and the hole thing and put it on youtube and Facebook they have all seen it they all love it" 

"What?" I pulled away from Leeon and run up to the group. Nathan, Alex and Nikki and some other people where crowding round the screen of a phone 

"wow" some on gasped

"These Rebel Queens aren't all that bad" someone eles said 

"Look there they are" said Nikki pointing at me just then a group of little year sevens came running up to use

"OMG" one of them said "You guys are sooooo cool can we have your autographs" we stared at them stunned as they held up little note books and pens 

"Y-yeah sure" i said taking the first pen and book i could reach then the Kat and the others started doing the same. after they had all gone I looked back at the girls

"Did that just happen" i said with my mouth wide open 

"I think it did" Kenna said. Just then Leeon came up to me and gave me a hug 

"Look at you sugar" he said and then kissed my cheek making me blush.

"come on love birds we should go in before we are late" said bex 

"okay im coming" i said "Kat where going in...Kat" where was she i turned round ther corner to Kat and Jaxon kissing passionetly 

"KAT!" i shouted and she quickly pulled away from Jaxon

"Come on thats no was too lose you virginity" i said walking away. she quickly court up and we and we all went in. I gave Leeon a quick kiss god buy and then ran in for my first lesson

I spent the hole morning writing autographs and talking about the band and in my lesson befor lunch i said too a little year seven that was sending out messages to class rooms 

"Spread the word the Rebel queens are doing a song in the school Hall at lunch" she smiled and nodded running out the room.

I leafed the class early with out the teacher seeing and first went to Bex's and Kennas English class. I knocked on the door 

"err sorry miss but i can i have Bex and Kenna" they stood and smiled and the teacher let them go

"what is it?" asked Bex when we got out 

"where doing a song in the hall at lunch go get Kat and Vicky while i set up" i said and they nodded and ran to get the others. i went in to the hall that was completely empty and turned the lights on. the music room was right next to it and also completely empty so i was able to drag the drum kit and amps and microphones in with out being seen. I did not have my guitar with me so had to use a school one but it was still good. Just as i had finished setting up the other came in 

"We are going to get in so much trouble" said Vicky 

"so" i said "Come on the bells gonna go in a minuet and we have to be ready. We are gonna play Cherry Bomb okay"

they all nodded we got to our places and mad sure everything was working. just then the bell went and we only had to count to ten before a crowd of girls came running in screaming 

"YOU READY GUYS" Bex shouted in to the microphone and the girls screamed even louder. 

I started playing the intro and then Bex started singing

Can't stay at home, can't stay at school

Old folks say, ya poor little fool

Down the street I'm the girl next door

I'm the fox you've been waiting for 


"Hello Daddy, hello Mom

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

Hello world I'm your wild girl

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb


Stone age love and strange sounds too

Come on baby let me get to you

Bad nights cause'n teenage blues

Get down ladies you've got nothing to lose 


Hello Daddy, hello Mom

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

Hello world I'm your wild girl

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb


Hey street boy, what's your style

Your dead end dreams don't make you smile

I'll give ya something to live for

Have ya, grab ya til you're sore 


Hello Daddy, hello Mom

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

Hello world, I'm your wild girl

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb


Cherry bomb

Cherry bomb

Cherry bomb

Cherry bomb

Cherry bomb"

I was expecting  roar from the crowd but there was silents. I looked up from my guitar to find the head teacher glaring at use 


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