Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


18. Something on my mind

After getting ready me and Leeon set of for school, we had to walk because there was no bus that went from our little house to school but we didn't care in fact I like walking with Leeon chatting with him about anything we could think of. He made me feel alive like all this time I have been walking around half dead, he made me feel complete. We both had tuff up bringings but we were not the kind of people to let things like that get in the way of what's important and right now what was Important was that I find out what is wrong with Kenna. We had agreed to meet at Pole Hill like we always do but I could not shake off the feeling that this was going to be far worse than I thought, this was not going to be somthing like a brake up with a boyfriend or somthing like that, this was bad. Very bad.

 When me and Leeon finaly got to Pole Hill everyone was talking about the band but I could not listen. When I saw Kenna I thought she was a diffrent person, she looked jumpy and on edge. She was not her self and when she was me her face flooded with relief.

 "Whats wrong Kenna?" I asked

 "Err can we talk in privet?" she whispered

 "Yeah sure" I said and followed her round the corner behind some bins.

 "Okay" she sighed, "um about a year ago I met this guy called Jay I loved him and still do I was just worried about people finding out about him because he does drugs and has been in truble with the police." She took in a deep breath but it sounded like she was going to cry, "but a couple of weeks ago I met up with him and he persuaded me to you know... "

"Have sex with him" I finished for her.

 "Yeah and now ...I'm er... I'm pregnant" There was I slight pause and then it really hit me.

"YOUR WHAT!" I almost shouted.

"Shhhh not so loud."

 "Sorry" I said quieter.

"But how?"

 "I'm not sure I want to go into the details." she hissed.

 "Well did you use protection"

 "Yeah but I have heard of it not working." She said and there was another long pause.

 "Have you told the father" I asked.

 "No." She said quietly and I new she was holding back tears.

 "Come here." I said and gave her a hug, she started crying straight away. "I don't know what to do." She whispered as she sobbed.

 "It's okay we can get through this it's your choice what ever you do." I mumbled and she nodded then she pulled away and wiped her tears.

 "Your right I have to be strong about this" she said and then walked off back to the group passing Leeon on her was

 "Is she okay she looks like sue has been crying" he said as he walked up to me

 "Err year just boy trouble" I said like it was nothing.


 That morning in my first class the head teacher called me out and once again I was in her office.

 "I think you know why you are here Erin." she said to like i was a five year old.

"it's Ezza." I growled but she did nothing.

 "I will have to informe your parents about this."

 "good luck with that" I mumbled.

 "Sorry I did not catch that" She said puting her hand on her ear.

 "Nothing Miss" I replyed with a sweet sarcastic smile.

 "Good I will talk with your mother about a sutable punishment for you, you way leave now." I walked out with a smerk. oh miss if only you new. I thought to myself. Before I went back to class I went behing the bike shed for a smoke. i got a fag out my back, lit it and took a long drag making smoke rings as i exhaled.

"I thought i would find you here," came a voice I new all too well. I sighed as Leeon walked up next to me.

"You bunking off lessons," i said taking another pull.

"Nah just said i was going to the toilet when i saw you walk past my clasroom."

"I see," there was i long pause where Leeon sliped his hand in mine and gave it a light squees making my smile up at him. "look our bands have not bean doing much we need to do something, is there like another battle of the bands any time soon?"

"umm" he thought about it for i second "yeah but its in an old night club and it a bit ruff, alot of fight go on there."

"Thats okay when is it."

"This week end."

"Cool I'll talk to the girls about it and I'll get back to you" i said putting out my fag and picking up my bag

"err sugar no kiss good-bye" he said turning his chekk to my and tapping it with his finger. i rolled my eyes and went to give him a peck on the cheek but turned his head at the last moment and kissed me fully on the mouth. i took my so by supric i made a little squeek at the back of my throught and when he pulled away he had a big grin

"That was not fear i wasn't ready" i wispered out of breath

"well you can be ready tonight okay" he said suductevly making me melt inside

"okay" mumbled and he kissed me again softly and then started kissing my neck and round to my ear

"I love you" he wispered softly making me blush

"I love you too" I mumbled and he kissed my neck again "I'll make it nice for you when we get home" he wispered even more suductey "how?" "I will leave school early" he said and ruffled mu curly hair "see you later sugar" he walked off leving me wondering what we where going to do tonight. I stratend myself up and made sure that I did not smell of smoke befor heading back to class.

"you took your time" said Vicky

"Sorry I got court up with somthing"


"Nothing dont worry. oh tell the others that i have found another battle of the bands that we can do"

"okay cool" she said and i slumped in my seat and started day dreaming

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