Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


9. Seven drunken fools

Because it was a Sunday we thougtht we should skip school on Monday to recover from the hangover but the others wanted to know how we would get the drink

"Where under age how are we going to get the alcohol" asked Kali

"Ahh" i said tapping my nose "come with me" Leeon, Jaxon and Kali followed we down to the basement. I went to the rug that was in the middle of the room and pulled up raveling a trap door "only i know about this so you guys are sworn to secrecy  i said opening the door there was an old wooden ladder and i stepped down in to it. i flicked the switch and i was confronted but a wall of dusty bottles. There was whisky, vodka, taqula, and may others but all i wanted was the vodka whisky and taqula 

"how much do you think we'll need" Jaxon asked 

"at least three bottles of each" i answered grabbing the vodka 

"three!" Kali said her eyes went wide and her face droped

"oh yeah we are getting Drunk, drunk" i said pleasing the bottles on the floor "give me a hand you guys" i asked. the boys took three bottle Kali took two and i took the last bottle of whisky with me. I close the trap door making sure the rug was hiding it and run up the stairs in to the living room where they where setting up for the nigh there was shot glasses layed out on the wood floor and a pack of cards for playing drinking games the where all sitting on the floor in a circle. i sat between Leeon and Kali then Vicky picked up the pack of cards

"Right the fist game. the rules are if you get a one you have to do one shot. If you get a two you do a double shot and if you get a three toy have to do three shots. Now if you get a fore you have to do a dare and if you get a a five you have have to ask some one a personal question. if you get a six you have to kiss some one for sixtie seconds"

"but hang on there only two boy how does that work" i asked 

"i did not make the rules Ezza" said Vicky and winked at me "now if you get a seven you have to do a dirty dare and if you get an eight you have to make up a dare for some one if you get a nine you have to say a silly word at the end of every sentence so if mine was 'in my pant' i would have to say that at the end of every sentence i say and if you get i ten you have to do ten shots." she smiled at looked around the room 

"now it starts getting interesting if you get a jack you have to kiss the person to your leafed for two minuets" i looked at kali how was to my leat "and if you get a queen you have to kiss the person to you right for two minuets. and if you get a king you must do seven minuets of heaven with some one" me and Leeon looked at each other and smiled "and if you get an ace you must drink and alcohol for as long as possible"

Vicky started shuffling the cards and the she held the out to Becky "we'll start with you then go around the circle "Becky took a card and looked at it

"i have a six"

"you have to do a dirty dare" said Vicky 

"oh i got one for her" said Kenna 

"go on" said Vicky

"she has to take her top off and keep it off until her next go" she winked at Becky but she had a horrifed look on her face 

"No! no way"

"come on its ether that or take your bra off as well" Kenna said with a sly smile. Becky growled at her and flung off her top. Kenna started giggling and Becky gave her the death glare. it was quite funny to look on Becky face as she tryed to cover herself with her arms. 

Vicky shuffled the cards again and held them out to Kenna and with her bad luck she got an ace 

"okay what do you want?" i asked 

"err vodka" she said eyeing the bottles. i past the vodka over to her and she took it slowly and unscrewed the lid then very quickly she started chugging back as much as possible. after about ten gulps put the the bottle on the floor 

"i cant do any more" she gasped 

"good on ya girl" i said grabbing the bottle from her and took a swig. then Vicky made Jaxon pick a card 

"oh man i got a jack" 

"then you have to kiss the person to your right for two minuets and that is Kenna" he looked at kenna and then at Kali. Kali was not a happy bunny 

"oh lets gust get it over with" said kenna she grabbed him by the shirt and started kissing him Kali looked like she was punch her

"just don't look" i whispered to her and she closed her eyes.

When to two minuets was up Kenna pushed him away with as much fores she could and wiped her mouth with disgusted 

"is okay Kali i did not enjoy that he tastes of fags" Kenna said 

"Well you tasted like a mini bar" Jaxon said 

"Kat your turn" said Vicky holding out the cards out to Kali she took one from the deck she held it up

"six of hearts" 

"good you have to kiss someone for one minuet" said Vicky. she smiled and turned to Jaxon then she pulled him to her slowly and kissed him. I gave her a little whoop and we all started laughing at cheering them on when they pulled away she sat back next to with the biggest grin

"Happy now?" i asked and she gave me a quick nod. then it was my go and Vicky held out the cards in front of me. i picked one and looked at it 

"The ten of clubs" i said putting the card face up in the floor 

"thats ten shots" said Vicky and placed ten shot glasses in front of me and filled them all with vodka. i placed the first to my lips and chugged it down then the next and the next and the next until all ten had gone. i smiled at myself and looked around the room to five shocked faces 

"you drink it like it water" said Vicky but i just shrugged then i was Leeon's turn  he took a cared and looked at it. he smiled and put the card on the floor so every one could see

"king of spades" he said "am i right in saying that's seven minuets in heaven" he said taking my hand in his

"yes you are right go up stairs you have seven minuets where counting" he stood and run up stairs with me behind him. 


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