Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


4. Papercut

 i woke up the next morning it was Saturday and the morning sun was in my eyes. i groaned and fell out of bed as i do every morning 

"I'm shit at mornings" i muttered to myself and got to my feet. i went over to my desk and checked my phone for the time. Half 12 wow i was up late "let me rephrase that" i said to myself again "I'm really shit at afternoons". i wrapped my dressing gown around myself and went down stairs but when i got there it was silent "Mum!" no answer i checked out the front and the car was gone. i run up stairs and checked Caleb's room. he was not there. Wow i had the house to my self. i run in to my room and flung my dressing gown off and declared a lazy day well lazy until this evening. I walked around in P.J which as only nickers and a black vest to that had the Sex Pistols logo on it. and took a bubble bath. 

"Ahh" i said as the warm water flowed over my skin "Well Erin you are a fully qualified slob!" i said to myself. As i was getting out the bath i herd a knock at the door thinking it was just Becky or Kali i only went down in my towel and dripping wet hair. when i opened the door i was shocked to find Leeon. At first he had a nice smile but as soon as he saw me with just a towel on he raised one eye brow and had a sly half grin on. i so wanted to punch it off

"how do you know where i live" i said in a flat tone 

"err Nathan told me" 

"okay what do you want" i asked 

"Well i was here to tell you about the battle tonight but i have different ideas now" he said in a low husky voice and then looked my up and down. i was about to slam the door in his face but he put his foot in the way "sorry i do need to tell you some things about the battle" i rolled my eyes  

"come in then" i said and walked up to my room knowing he would follow. i stopped at my door and turned to him

"Stay out here. i'm gonna get changed and i don't need your help" i said slamming the door before he could say anything. i dropped my towel  on the floor and put on my bra and nickers then as it was sunny out side i put on hot pants, a Joan Jet and the Black Hearts tank top and my black converse. i went to my desk and put on the biggest gold hopes i have, a ring on each finger some times two and a big gold owl necklace and some gold and black spiked bracelets then touched up my make up. i walked out my room and Leeon was leaning on the wall. he was too good looking for his own good he wore and Guns 'n' Roses t-shirt, black jeans and black converse just like mine 

"okay what did you want to tell me" i said walking past him and back down the stairs through the living room and down in to the basement where my guitar was all set up. i slung the strap over my shoulder and looked at him 

"well are you going to tell me or what" he looked at me the my guitar 

"thats a great modal would you mind playing for me?" he asked

"If i play for you would you tell me what you where going to tell me when you came in" i said folding my arms 

"seems fear" he nodded

"fine" i spat "what do you want me to play" he thought about if for a minuet 

"Papercut but Linkin Park" he suggested 

"well i am not singing it"

"i did not ask you to singing did i Just play " i look at him not sure if he was taking the piss

"fine" i spat again and i turned to the Amp and turned it to full base and volume and started playing. it was like a spell i lost myself in the music the only thing i was aware of was the sound coming from the Amp as i plucked the strings with my guitar pick a new sound was created and all too soon the song had ended and i stood with the vibration still pulsing through me. Leeon stood clapping

"Ezza you have real talent"

"thanks" i said with an edge of bitterness "now will you tell me what ever it is your going to tell me

"oh yes um when you get there your drummer wont have to bring his drumming kit with him we will provide one for you-"

"her!" i cut in


"our drummer is a girl our hole band is female"

"really hu very Runaways"

"yeah carry on"

"oh year your drummer wont have to bring her drum kit and you wont have to bring Amps but you'll have to bring microphones Guitars and all the rest" 

"is that it you came her and made me play for you just so you could tell me that"

"yep" he walked up to me and ruffled my damp curly hair "I'll see you tonight then" he walked up the stairs and out the house i know coz i herd the door slam shut. God i felt like slapping him.


it was ten to nine mum had not come back yet and i had changed my outfit only by putting on fish net tights putting eye liner.

there was a knock at the door and i ran down the stairs and opened the door for Becky and Kenna 

"hey guys come on in"

"oh Erin can i raid your fridge please im so hungry" said kenna 

"ha yeah help your self" i said pointing to the kitchen with my thumb

"thank you" she ran strait past me and Becky and headed for the kitchen 

"come on lets go down to the basement" i said to Becky who had a crazy grin on her face "what are you smiling about"

"well Alex has asked me out and i said yes"

"see i told you" i walked in to the kitchen where Kenna was tucking in to a pot of ice cream "Kenna if Kali and Vicky Knock let them in and tell them where in the basement" she nodded and held up her thumbs. me and Becky walked down to the basement and i slouched on the leather sofa that had bean pushed to the sides and lit a fag. I took a long pull from it and Becky started blabbing about Alex but i tuned out and waited for Kali and Vicky to come and for the night to start  



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