Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


17. Love Me (for my friend Kenna)

Kenna's P.O.V

Flash Back

It was dark and even thought the night was warm i felt shivers down my back as i walked down the street. My heals clicked on the pavement and warm breeze blow my hair our of my face. i turned in to an ally way where i could not see a thing. my heart thumped in my chest and my breathing hitched, i stopped a leaned on the a cold stone wall

"You came" said a low voice and i suddenly felt myself calm down

"I said i would" i answered but was unable to see him then i felt his hand touch my arm and he pull me to him quickly

"I missed you" he said pressing me to him

"I missed you too Jay"

"where have you bean" he said but it was odd  i could not see his face it was too dark

"i have been busy"

"doing what" he mumbled


"What stuff" he pressed me closer to him

"Band Stuff"

"I see" he said i felt his hands slip down to my bum

"Hey non of that" i said and pulled away from him and walking out the ally

"Oh come on Baby girl" he called. I could hear his foot steps catching up with me as i walked down the street as fast as my stilettos could let me. Jay grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to him

"what did i do" he asked  with a grin

"I told you where i was now where were you"  as i said my word his grin faded "you where getting high with your mates" he said nothing

"you know what" i said pulling my arm from him "sometimes i think you love that crap more than you love me" i said and started walking again but he grabbed me again and spun me round to face him

"Don’t ever question my love for you" he growled and pressed me up to a wall "I love you and only you" his face softened and he smiled. how cold i not love him through all his fults his smoking and drinking and taking drugs i still loved him

"Jay you scare me sometimes i just worry about you and sometimes i don’t see you for a week because your too drunk or high to talk to"

"I'm sorry baby girl but i try to stop i was much when i wasn't with you"

"yeah i know but you still do it" he said nothing back, just looked into my eyes

"What?" i asked

"do you want to come round my place" he said and i new by the look on his face what he wanted

"I don't know Jay, i dent think i'm ready to give that part of myself up"

"how much longer are you goanna wait your sixteen aren’t you your allowed"

"Yeah but-"

"but nothing. come on baby girl come round my place just for the night"

End of flash back.

I was sitting in my bathroom on the seat of the toilet i only had another minuet to wait and it felt like i had bean sitting here for hours. it had been two week since that night and strange things had bean going on like throwing up every day and strange cravings and I'm late your now for my reds. i should have started last week but nothing i was starting to get worried. my minuet was up. I took the test strip from the sink. My heart sank right to my feet, it was positive. it cant be there must be some kind of misshape this can't happen to me I’m only 16. i started panicking and reached for my phone. It was half seven i would be seeing her in half an hour. but i called her anyway

"come on Ezza pick it up" i mumbled as i waited for her to pick up

"Hey Kenna you okay" came Ezza's light cheery voice

"Err i have been better"

"Why what’s up"

"um i need to talk to you but not over the phone"

"So why did you call me" she said with i little laugh

"I-I don’t know i just wanted to tell you"

"Okay" she said i bit more worried "I'll see you at pole hill this morning so we can talk then"

"okay I'll see you then" i said and hung up. i looked at the test strip again and pleased my hand over my belly then felt tears run down my cheeks until i was sobbing on the bathroom floor

Ezzas P.O.V

I put my phone back on the bed side table

"Who was that" Leeon asked

"Kenna, something’s wrong i have never herd her so down" i looked across to Leeon who was sitting at his desk on his laptop. He looked over at me and smiled

" I'm sure she will be okay" said and abandoned his laptop to sit on the bed with me "how bad could it be"

"Knowing Kenna very"


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