Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


3. Invitation

After school that day me Kenna ,Becky and Kali walked out to Pole Hill. Nathan waved at me and Alex waved at Becky. i looked at her and she blushed. Nathan gave me a hug as always 

"hey guess what" i said tapping his shoulder


"I've started my own band"

"that's great what kind of music do you do?"


"really i thought you meant like and all singing group not a real rock band"

"no, a real rock band with drums guitars the full monty" just then a boy i had never seen before held up my guitar 

"hey Nathan is this yours" the boy was about sixteen and was very good looking he had dark brown wavy hear and green eyes but i hated his there and then and yes just for touching my guitar 

"err no mate its hers" he said pointing to me

"oh can you play" he asked me

"yeah i can" i said taking my guitar it back form him

"hu do you have a band"

"i do" i said still a bit pissed. he looked my up and down which i did not like

"well so do i would you like to have a battle of the bands" he said in a low husky voice 

"Well let me just talk to my team" i said and walked off to where Becky Kenna and Kali where standing. i did want to do this battle of the bands thing but only coz i wanted to beat the boy 

"okay look that boy over there has just asked me if we could do a battle of the bands with him and his band and i just wanna do it so we can beat him and i can teach him a lesson. he really pissed me off just then" they all looked at me like i was crazy. Kali and Becky agreed but Kenna did not 

"we have had not practice we will get smashed in to the ground" she said

"we can do it in my basement and its sound proof"

"okay but if we get smashed I'm blaming you" she huffed

"aww love you guys" i said running back to the boy 

"okay we can do it" i said out of breath

"cool" he said handing me a little slip of paper "that has the time and place" 

"I'll see you there then" i said reading the bit of paper

"i hope i do" he said in an even more husky voice than before and winked. i snarled at him. i so felt like punching that pretty face of his. i was just about to walk away when he stopped me 

"whats your name" i was about to say Erin but stopped myself

"Ezza, why whats yours?" i asked 

"Leeon" he said with a half smile. That can not be he real name if it is he has one sexy name. i went back to Kali, Kenna and Becky

"so can you guys come home with me now and Kali can you text Vicky to come round my place tell her that i'll explain when she gets her"

"sure thing" she said 

"when is this battle of the bands" asked Becky. i checked the peace of paper 

"err ten at night i guess its good that's its a Saturday hey Kenna do you recon that you mum can drop use off at this address" i held out the peace of paper to her

"i live quite close to there if you come round we can walk there" she said handing the paper back to me 

"okay cool" i mumbled 


"Becky whats wrong you where really good this morning" we where in my basement trying to pull off playing Where the boys are by the Runaways

"yeah that was a different song i can sing Cherry bomb but not this one" she said with her hand on her hips

"well let me have a go" i got the microphone form her and counted in Kenna, Vicky and Kali

"wild in the streets, barely alive

mamas bean telling stay in side

don't you hang around with those young boy

soon you'll be loving them

there all night toys

i wanna be there the boys are 

i wanna fight how the boys fight

i wanna love how the boys fight 

i wanna be where the boys are"   

"wow that was good" said Kali "the way you sort of shout it but your still singing it. it sounds very Rock"

"well in that case we have two songs Cherry bomb and Where the boys are" said Vicky

"i still think Becky should sing Cherry bomb" perked up Kenna.

"yeah your right" i said to "okay cool now that every one knows what there doing you guys can fuck off so i can have some dinner" they all started packing up to go "oh get here for nine okay" there was a mumble that went round the room of "sure" or "okay". i grabbed my guitar and Amp then run up the stairs that led into the living room where my step dad brother and mum sat watching the T.V

"hey guys" 

"hey what where you and your friends doing" my mum asked

"err band practice" i mumbled no really wanting my family to know

"your in a band well good for you" she said and then went back to the conversation she was having with Micky (my step dad). well i did not see that coming.   



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