Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


8. In the paper

After breakfast well all went down to the basement with the dogs. i flung myself on the leather sofa and wren jumped up on it next to me and licked my face

"what do you play in your band" Kat asked Jaxon 

"err I'm the drummer"  he said and walked over Vicky's drum kit that's she kept here and they started talking about something i don't know i tuned out of the conversation. Wren licked my hand and looked up at me

"What?" i whispered and stocked his head. His big blue looked at me then Leeon and he rest his head on my knee and let out a soft whine "I know you like him and you want me to be with him" he like my hand and look at Leeon and then back it made me smile "how can my mad collie dog be so cleaver" he wagged his tail jumped up to lick my face. I picked him up by the paw and danced him round the room

"ha you are the best dog in the world" i said and he barked wagged his tali even harder. I dropped his paws on the floor and scratched his head. I turned to Leeon and he was smiling at me. He was standing about two feet away from me and he motioned for me to come to him. I walked to him and he pulled me in by the wast. my heart thumped in my chest and i looked over to Kat but she was to busy kissing Jaxon 

"Maybe we should leave them to it" Leeon whispers. We scampered out the room, making sure the dogs went with use. we went up to my room and i sat at my desk turning on my lap top and went on my face book to find i had bean tagged in about 10 photo's all of them where from the last night. I smile at a pitcher of me and Kali i had a fag in my hand and was blowing the smoke in her face. i smiled and turned to Leeon he was looking around the room at the art work on the walls and hiss eye fell in my dads old acoustic guitar he picked it up by the neck.

"careful that's and old smokey classic" i said standing and taking it from him "it was my fathers"

"can you play?" he asked

"well yeah"

"Can you play me something"

"okay" i sat back on the floor like him

and brought back the memory of my father teaching me with this very guitar. I put my finger in the right plays tarted playing the chords to Speech Therapy by Speech Deballe. I sounded so different so quiet compered to my electric guitar it was sort of like an out friend coming back to me like my farther was there standing over me with his hand on my shoulder. he always like an acoustic guitars compared to an electric but when he saw that i was more in to the loud roar of the electric he was more than happy to teach me. i felt a tear roll down my cheek and i felt Leeons hand brush it away. i stop playing and looked up at him he was quite close a few inches from my face. I placed my guitar on the floor next to me not moving my face from him. He lean in slowly and his lips touched mine softly then again with more passion and again with even more passion. His arms pulled me closer to him and my arms went around his neck deepening the kiss. One of my hands came down form around his neck and went up his shirt. I could feel his muscles tense at my touch and i heard a deep groan from his chest. My heart skip a beat at the sound. I was just thinking if i wanted to take this feather when i herd a banding at the front door. I pulled away from him and sighed 

"i should get that" i said and got up off the floor and when down the stairs to the front door. Becky Kenna and Vicky where there with the biggest grins 

"have you seen this" said Becky thrusting the news paper at me. I looked at the front page at there was a pitcher of me and the band with the heading YOU DON'T WANNA MESS WITH THESE CHICKS. 

"Oh my god where front page news" i screamed "Leeon get to the basement i wanna show you something " he came running down the stairs and all five of use ran down to the basement. when we got there Kali was still kissing Jaxon 

"Kat get get your mouth off that boy and come and look at this" she came up to me and and looked to the paper 

"Oh god that's use" she said pointing at the photo

"YEAH BABY" i yelled "WE ARE IN THE FUCKING PAPER" they all laughed and we settled on the floor to read the article and i read it out 

"the new amazing band 'Rebel Queens" is most likely to become the newest teen sensation with the oldest member at sixteen they have shown an amazing ability to play great Rock music. what is most surprising is that the band is all female with Bex on vocals Kenna on Base, Vicky on drums, Kat on key bored and Ezza on electric guitar..." i went on with the articular and when i was Finnish we all had the biggest smiles on.

"ya know what i said getting the six hundred ponds that was still in my pocket "i think we should yes this money and get drunk" they all agreed and we started getting ready for a night to remember 




im really sorry but this chapter is a bit crap and a bit short but the next will be better xx

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