Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


5. I Love Playing with Fire

"Kali your hair looks fine come on" i shouted to the bottom from the stairs. she came running down the stairs with her make-up all done and her hair as strait as it could be "Kali you don't wanna be wearing foundation only ware eye stuff and lip stuff"


"because you look orange"

"uh bitch" he said with her hands on her hips 

"oh come on we have got half an hour to get to Kenna's and then to the battle. Kenna stop eating ice cream and lets go!" she came running out the kitchen "oh my god Kali don't where high heels" i said

"why not" she winded 

"you'll brake that heel" said Becky

"Oh come on we don't have time for this" i said



We took the bus to Kenna's house and then did the short walk to the address. it was an old church it looked all normal but there was a loud booming noise from under gowned and i could smell smoke drugs and alcohol 

"Ezza" came a voice it was Leeon and he was coming up some steps that lead down to some wooden door. that's where the smell and sound was coming from. "so glad you came" he came running up to use "is this your band"

"yeah" i said with bitterness. he looked at each one of use and nodded

"this way" he motioned for use to follow him we went down the steps and through the wooden door. we where greeted by a blasting noise that i new all to well. there was a band playing up on a stage and in groups of people watching them with guitars slung over there shoulder. the band that was play had a girl sing Ignorance by Paramore and she was very good but apart from that we where the only girls here.

Leeon lead use back stage where he told use to wait until we where called. there where chairs scatted about with lots of people smoking and drinking. I sat in one if the chairs and got a fag out of my pocket and lit it. looked around the stuffy room 

"Great diggs" i said taking a pull, the girls all murmurer something and then found there own chairs to sit in 

"hey Girls your not allowed in her" came a male voice from behind use. i turned my head to see and tall boy with ashy blond hair. I took another pull from my fag and walked up to the boy

"well im sorry but we have bean told to be here" i said putting my hand on my hip

"listen gal we can't have fans in here" he said with a gruff voice

"HA! you think where your fans haha in you dreams" 

"well then who are you"

"I'm Ezza and this is my band the Rebel Queens" i said talking another pull of my fag and blowing the smoke in his face

"But your all girls" just then Vicky came up to him with her drum sicks in her hand looking like she was about to hit him

"Yeah you got a problem with that!" she growled. the boy put his hands up in to protect himself 

"No no no i like girls just get worried when they got stick in there hands"

"well clear off and you wont have to be" said Becky who was on the other side of me, Kenna next to her and Kali was next to Vicky  

"fine" he growled and walked back to his band we stared at him for a moment and then let it go

"why is everyone calling you Ezza" asked Becky 

"I told Leeon that that was my name" i said taking another pull form my fag

"well if you change your name then i am. Call me...Bex" she said snapping her fingers 

"Bex that's cool" i said and smiled "Oh you are okay with the band being called Rebel Queens"

"yeah its good" she smiled back 

"Ezza? Ezza?" i turned to a slim woman with curly brown hair

"yeah"i called to her and the woman turned to me

"your up next and whats your band called"

"Rebel Queens" i shouted back she put her thumbs up and walked of

"wow where on next" said Kali who jumped up and grabbed her key bored. i grabbed my guitar Becky got her microphone and Kenna got her Base out if its case. we had five minuets to set up while the people that watched got drinks and smoked. No one said a thing when we walked on the stage. they just stared in amazement 

Vicky counted use in i had to remind myself to concentrate on the music. i started to play the opening and Becky started singing


"Your my one and only shining star said

Stick with me and I'll take you far

Your eyes are sparkling with teenage fire

I'll satisfy your mad desires 'cause


I love playing with fire 

and i don't wanna get burned

I love playing with fire

and i don't think I'll ever learn 


My heart is aching to hear you play

I cant wait till another day 

the way you shake me is really hot 

you know how to use what you got


I love playing with fire

and i don't wanna get burned

I love playing with fire 

and i don't think I'll ever learn


Acting tough with looks that kill

You got me going and I can't stand still

My arms are dying to hold ya tight

Your my little dark dynamite you know 



I love playing with fire 

and i don't wanna get burned 

I love playing with fire 

and i don't think i'll ever learn"

The crowed roared some stood and whooped. i could not help but smile. Becky turned to from her microphone and had the biggest smile on. i waked up to her and gave her a hug the punched the air with my fist and the crowed grow louder.

we all stumbler back stage with giggle and whoops 

"We did it" said Kali jumping up and down then Vicky stood on one of the chairs 

"Boys" she addressed to all the other bands that where waiting "We may be girls but from the sound of crowd out there, We can FUCKING ROCK" she yelled and we followed by cheering. Vicky held up here middle finger to all the boys we all laughed as I pushed Vicky off the chair and she landed neatly on her feet.

We waited as all the other bands went up and played we even saw Leeon's band they where called Hell's Angels he was the singer and his voice was even more husky as he sang Jaded by Guns 'n' Roses. after ten other band went up the same woman with curly hair that called use up we up on stage  

"okay all twenty of the bands have come up and showed you what they got. Now the votes are in" the back stage went silent ans she opened up a slip of paper 

"and in third place is...Hell's Angels!" on one side of the back stage room the band started whooping and hing fiveing each other. Leeon went up to get there money that was two hundred pounds. he walked back in to the room and held up the money as his band crowded around him clapping him on the back. A band called Balls of steel came second and all boy band. they won fore hundred pounds

"and first place is..." she paused for affect "Rebel Queens!" what we won i stood there gob smacked and the girls screamed around  me "would Ezza come up and get your money. i still could not believe it. as i run up to the stage to be greeted but the roar of the crowed. i walked up to the woman how gave me a hug and put six hundred pounds in my hand. i punched the air for the crowed again before going back stage again. the girls came running up to me and Vicky picked my up and spun me around. 

"guys this money is going to you!" i shouted and they all cheered 


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