Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


13. I Have Feelings

I agreed to go see Leeon's house even though we had to walk but he said it was only a fifteen minuets but after ten minuets we came across a massive field and on the very edge there was a small stone house with woodland behind it.

"Is that your house" i asked 

"yeah its small and only meant for one person, or two" he said wrapping his arm around me "and its cheep". we walked across the field and as we got closer the house looked more ruff and scruffy but it still look like my perfect house. We got to the front door witch was and old wooden one with an old fashioned door knocker in the shape of a rams head he unlocked the door and we stepped in. the house was warm and cozy. it felt like home and the floors where wooden.

"Let me give you the grand tour" he opened a door and i walked in there was an old leather sofa in the middle of the room, in front of it there was a oak wood coffee table standing on and old washed out rug and in front of that there was a large flat screen T.V. the cold stone walls where covered in paintings, posters and photos in frames.  there was a large old fashioned window that took up most of the wall on the right side. "this is the living room" he said and smiled at the look on my face.

"it's amazing" i breathed

"If you think this good you'll love the rest of the house sugar" he said taking my hand and leading my out the room and down a small hallway to an open door.

"the Kitchen" he said. It was very rustic with an out fashioned oven and work tops with a small table and chairs in the corner.

"come on i have saved the best for last" we went out the room and turned to a spiral stair case. we run up the stairs and up in yo what should be there loft but in stead was Leeon's room the walls where painted white but there was so much art work and posters i could not see the walls only one bear one on one side of the room. it was very bright and open he had a double bed pushed up to the wall in the center of the room and there was a desk next to it with a laptop. At the back of the room there where two book cases one filled with C.D the other filled with books. and next to that there was some glass french doors that lead to a balcony.

" did you find this place" i asked

"it was my mother i used to spend my summer holidays here with my brothers" and lead me to the french doors and slid them open. we stepped out in to the cool evening air. the sun had started to set elongating our shadows but what was even more beautiful was that the balcony was facing the woodland the and mixing that with the sun set it created the most magical place in the world. The was the sun filter through the trees created patterns on the walls and floor 

"What...this kind of stuff just does not happen" i whispered

"I know" he whispered back hugging me from behind. I felt warmth spread from the place on my neck where he kissed me. It send shivers down spine. I turned so i was facing 

"Leeon, what happened to your family. I mean why do you live her all on your own? Why don't you live with your family?" his face went grave at my words. he sighed and looked down 

"Hey you can tell me" i said putting my hand on his cheek. his sea green eyes locked with mine and he sighed again

"come inside and I'll tell you" he whispered and we walked back in and sat on his bed. he held my hand in his in front of use 

"The reason i don't live with my is because i don't have one. I have never seen my father i don't know him he was sent to prison soon after i was bore for murdering a two people and my mother was never all there after that. i had three brothers and one sister all older than me and my sister did most of the looking after me. when i was ten me and my brother where a total riot we got in to trouble at school all the time for spray painting the bathrooms and ditching lessons. five years later we where just as bad we smocked and drunk and one night me and my mum had an argument and she ended up throwing me out so i went to my mates house but...when i came back the next morning no one answered the door so i went round to the back door and it was wide open witch was worried so i went in and every thing was quiet. I went in to the living room and...and i saw my mother and all my brothers and my sister lying on the floor blood was every where. i only found out six month later that it was my own father that killed my family." I could tell that he was trying not to cry 

"I'm sorry"  i whispered but he just shrugged

"you wanna know that worst part is" he said  " is that the last thing i said to my mother was that i hate her. I still feel bad about it. some times i blame my self"

"Leeon you cant blame your self for something you did not do" i said looking in his eyes "and you cant Let this get in the way of you future i know it sound hard but i had to do the same with my dad. I found that if i concentrate on the present and the future and avoid my past as much as possible then you can get on with life much quicker  but you also can regret what you did in the past. only you can control your future and if you stuck in the past then you can't go any where"

"Its hard to know where to start" he mumbles

"Music! start with music i know you can sing i have herd you, it one of the best ways to let out anger. when my father died i listened to music nonstop it helped me a lot" Leeon looked so sad and out of place i had never seen him like this it scared me i wanted my happy, flirty Leeon back but i also new that he was hurting in side. I looked around the room and my eyes fell on a photo of me and Leeon form the Battle of the bands, it was one that saw on facebook and an idea came in my head. i looked at the blank all on the right side of the room and then looked at the poster filled left side 

"You can start by doing this" i said jumping of the bad and taking down the photo of use.

"what are you doing?" he asked 

"you'll see" i said a stuck the photo on the blank wall and pointed at it "this is what is going on now its the present and would you like it to be your future"

"Well yes" he said then i moved to a photo of his band and stuck it next to the photo of me and him

"and this is going on now too and would you like it ti be your future"

"yeah" he smiled

"do you see what i'm doing here" i said smiling back

"yeah i see" he stood up in the middle of the room "so this side is all my past and this side is the thing i want my future to be" he raised his eye brows at me to make sure he got it right and i nodded 

"yeah it will help" i said. He ran up to me and hugged me tightly then pulled away a bit he looked in my eyes for a long time

"What?" i asked but he kept looking in my eyes

"I'm gust wandering how i found some one as perfect as you" for the first time his words made me blush but did not move my eyes from his. He took my face in his hands gently and leaned down. his lips where soft on mine, one had came away from my face and slid down my back pulling me closer to him and the other slid round my neck weaving his finger through my air. He pulled away from me before i was ready, making me frown and that made him smile. He walked over to the bed and sat down on it tapping the other side for me 

"Its getting late and we have school in the morning" he said wiggling his eyes brows at me. there he was my flirty Leeon was back. 

"fine" i huffed and walked over to the other side of the bed and sitting on it. I took off my converse and slipped off my shorts and shirt and huddled under the covers. soon i felt Leeons bear chest touching my back and i fliped over so i was facing him. He wraped his arms around my pulling me closer to him. I hid my face in his chest and closed my eyes, slowly drefting off to sleep  

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