Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


15. I don't give a Damn about my Reputation

"I'm very unhappy in you Erin" said the head Teacher how was a large plump woman with short red hair. I was sent to her office and told to sit at her desk.

"I'ts Ezza!" i spat and she took in a sharp breath 

"Okay I will have to tell your mother about this" she threatened 

"Go on then she isn't even home i don't know where she is the house has bean empty since last Saturday"

"no need to shout"

"I'm not shouting! I'm just trying to tell you that there no point in calling my mum"


"Its Ezza" 

"Fine Ezza your never like this don't throw away your good reputation-"

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT MY REPUTATION" i yelled and picked up the glass of water on her desk and throw the water at her and stormed out the room.

All fore of the girls where waiting out side 

"Come on guys I'm skipping school" they all smiled a whooped 

"What happened" Kat asked me 

"I through the glass of water at her" i said with a smirk 

"Ha rebel" he said holding her hand up for a high five 

"Where are we going" Bex asked

"I don't know but we need to get Leeon and Jaxon" we walked out the school and to the neighboring all boys school. a group of boys where on the football pitch where i new Leeon and Jaxon would be. We got to the to the fence that surrounded the pitch and the boys as the side lines came up to use 

"This is an all boys school for a reason" one of them said leaning on the fence 

"where bunking off" i said 

"so you came to the foot ball pitch" 


"Well i gues its a good idea if your looking for some one to do a quicky behind behind the bike sheds-"

"Where not looking to have sex where looking for Leeon and Jaxon" i cut him off. he frowned 

"HEY LEEON, JAXON" he yelled "THESE CHICKS SAY THEY KNOW YOU" we saw the two of them jog up to use and Leeon smiled at me 

"You okay sugar?" he asked

"Yeah we are bunking wanna come"

"why" he asked

"well i kind of got in some trouble in school and i kind of made it worse"  

"What kind of trouble"

"I kind of sent a message round school that we where doing a song in the hall at lunch and the head teacher found out"

"and how did you make it worse"

"I kind of throw a glass of water at her when i got mad" i said rubbing the back of my neck. he shook his head and chucked 

"yeah me and Jaxon will come" they walked off to the changing rooms and five minuets later the came out. Kali run up to Jaxon and kissed him then Leeon came up to me taking my face gently in his hands and kissing my lips softly. he then smiled slipping his arms round my wast and we took off to the park.


"so what do we do next" i asked Leeon as we gently rocked on the spider wed swing in the park. Becky and Kenna where on the proper swings Vicky was standing Texting someone and Kat and Jaxon where sitting on a bench talking 

"What do you mean" he said taking one of my hands in his

"I mean what do i do with the band, we won the battle of the bands what do we do now "

"Well you keep on doing things like that until a record producer likes the sound you make and then you can go on tour and all that shit"

"answer this if i go on tour before you will you come with me" i mumbled looking down at my hands in his 

"sure thing sugar" he said and Kissed my forehead and then resting his head on mine 

"Would you do the same for me"

"Yeah sure but my band is so much better than your we are bound to get signed before you" 

"Oh really" he chuckled 

"yeah but dont worry about it i wont for get you when im famous" i giggled with him and his hand when to my hair

"your curly again" he said running his finger through one of my curled 

"yeah but I'm not thinking of getting a Pixie cut and dying it black "

"hum I still like you with curly hair" he sighed "I like you just the way you are sugar" 

"I know you do" i muttered and leaned my head against his chest making him wrap his arms around me  

"so are you coming round mine for the night ar going back to yours" he asked playing with a strand of my hair 

"I think I should go home my family have not bean in for a long time and im getting worried"

"where do you think they are" 

"I have no idea" i shrugged 

"If there not there you can always come and live with me" he said holding my tighter to him 

"Its okay its not like..."

"Its not like what sugar"

"they have abandoned me" it was all coming to me now they way they where all so perfectly fine on the Friday they all acted wired as if they had something to hide. thats it they had abandoned me 


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