Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


10. High as the Sky

We ran upstairs and in to my bed room. we got in and i slammed the door behind me. He turned to me pulled me to him and started kissing my neck. He pulled my top up over my head and i did the same to him. We fell on the bed in each others arms, his hands ran over my body and his lips caressed my skin. he rolled over so he was on to of me and kissed my lips. his tong trased my bottom lip asking for an entrance and i gladly let him in making the kiss go even deeper. my hand traced over his stomach and he groaned pressing me closer to his body. I so wanted him but i new that our seven minuets where nearly up but i didn't want to stop i wanted him too badly but all to soon i herd Vicky knocking on the door

"come on love birds times up"she called i sighed

"I don't wanna stop" i whispered running my hand over his back  

"can we have a little longer" he asked 

"no if you don't come out in the next ten second im coming in there" she yelled. i sighed again 

"oh come on" i huffed and Leeon got off me and put his shirt back on i did the same and we walked out the room to find Vicky with the biggest smile on. as we walked back in to the living room and the group cheered 

"okay whats next"

"should we just stop all the playing about stick on some music and get drunk" said Kali

"i don't think we should give Kenna any more shes a bit of a light wait" said Beck

"sure lets do that" i said picking up a bottle of whisky and taking a swig. i went over to the the docking station and put my Rock play list on. Queens of noise came on fist.

 Becky screamed "oh my god i love this song" and she took me by the arm and we started dancing round the room. it was all i could do to hang on to my bottle while we spun around and sang to the the song 

"Queens of noise 

come and get it boys 

Queens of noise 

not just one of your toys"

We burst out laughing and Becky slipped taking me down with her and the hole group started laughing then Kali shouted DOG PILE and jumped on use 

"ow Kat get off" i said shuving her off me. I got up and walked over to  laughing Leeon. I gave him the death glare and then got a fag out my pocket, Lit it and look a slow drag. he stop laugh and came closer to me , took the fag from my finger took a pull and pulled my closer by the wast and crashed his lips to mine. the kiss tasted of smoke and alcohol but i could not give a flying fuck. he pulled away before i was ready and past the fag back to me. i took it form him and took another pull and then a swig of whisky 

"you are wild and reckless, a real rebel queen" he said taking the bottle and chugging a few mouth fulls 

"your not so bad your self" 

"how old are you?" he asked 


"ha real rebel queen" he said ruffling my curly hair. i took the whisky bottle from him and took another swig and pulled out of his grip and looked over to Jaxon he was smoking too but it was not a fag 

"I think Jaxon is smocking weed" i said to Leeon. he eyes sparkled and he smiled at me "im gonna see if i can get some off him"

i walked over to him and put a twenty pound on his lap "how much will that give me" he said nothing but put six already rolled joints in my hand. I went back to Leeon and put three of them him his hand 

"we should smoke these in my room" i said and we went up the stairs and in to my room. I put the whisky bottle on the bed and open the window. we sat cross legged on the bed and i lit Leeons and then mine. it took a wile to get used to it but after the first one we where both as high as the sky the walls seemed to move around me and the pitches on my wall where moving on the pages and talked to me. we would start laughing uncontrollably at nothing until we both fell asleep on the bed.


When i woke up it was still dark and my head pounded. Leeon was sleeping next to me. I looked at my phone and it was fore in the morning. I went down stairs and in to the living room every one was asleep Kali was sleeping in Jaxons arms on the sofa and Becky. Kenna and Vicky where sleeping on the floor. Suddenly my stomach started churning and i run to the down toilet and emptied my stomach in the bowl.

After i had finished throwing up i went in to the Kitchen where the dogs had bean and got a large glass of water.

"your up early" came Leeons voice from behind me. I spun around to find he was quite close so close he pulled my to him by the wast kissed my softly but i wanted more, so much more and he did to as soon as i gave him the sign he slid his hands down to my bum and i jumped up wrapping my legs around his wast. he carried me up stairs and in to my room still kissing me. he placed me on the bed and took off his shirt.i sat up and took off mine as well but once i had it off he gently pushed me back on the bed. he climbed over me and started kissing my neck and his hand went to the zip to my shorts and undid it...

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